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Q: What name is given to the line right behind the Greenwish Meridean on the globe?
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Why was the globe theatre given its name?

it looks like a globe

What does it mean if the scale of a globe is given as 142000000?

The distance on the globe.

What is the name given to the wire inside a light globe?

The wire that lights up inside the globe is the filament.

What was the name given to the audience of the globe theatre?


How do you get away from the ray on Shrink Ray island?

When Mr. Silva is chasing you with the ray gun, hide behind the objects as you quickly make your way left along the floor. Try to leave either the books or the beaker unshrunk. Hide behind the crystal trophy and then climb to the tabletop and hide behind the microscope and then the globe. When the globe stand is shrunk by the ray, the globe will fall to the floor. Jump down behind it and roll it to the right (this is where you need one remaining thing to hide behind). Jump onto the globe, the chair, and onto the laboratory bench. Hide behind the apple and then run behind the mirror. When Silva shoots, the ray will be reflected back at him.

Where are you supposed to go after the globe is broken on shrink ray island?

When dodging the shrink ray on Shrink ray island, you have to leave one of the hiding places open next to where the globe hits the ground (the stack of books works best). As the globe falls, dodge once behind the books, then jump up onto the globe, and then to the lab counter at right. Hide behind the apple, then behind the mirror, which will reflect the shrink ray back at Silva.

What do you do with the globe on Shrink Ray Island?

At the proper time, the globe is hit by the shrink ray, comes off its mounting, and gives you a path from the desk to the lab table, where you will find more things to hide behind. As you are shrunk and have to cross the floor to the left, hide behind one or more of the objects to avoid the ray. When you reach the desk, hide behind the Yearbook, then jump up to hide behind the globe. When it gets shrunk, it falls to the floor. Hide behind the remaining object on the floor until Silva shoots, then jump up onto the mini-globe, onto the lab table, and hide behind the apple. When he shrinks that, hide behind the mirror, and he will get hit by the reflected ray.

How do you get past Mr.Silva the science teacher with the shrink ray gun on shrink ray island?

1. Hide behind objects so that when he shoots he will shoot the object your behind not you.What i do is when you reach the purple container tube i skip it and go to the next item (you'll see why soon) 2. When you reach the end (which would be next to the shelves) you jump up and keep hiding behind objects. 3. When you get to the globe and the actual globe falls jump down DO NOT INTER FEAR WITH THE GLOBE because other wise it will not work so let globe fall. 4. Then jump down and hide behind the purple tube. Once he shrinks that, push the globe over to the chair. Jump on globe then onto the chair and keep hiding behind things. 5. When you get to the small circle mirror Hide behind it and then you can figure out the rest :)

Where did actors dress for performances at the globe theatre?

i think there is a room behind it where they change :)

What do you doafter the globe is shrunk on shrink ray island?

You hide behind a mirror.

How do you you not get shrink-rayed even smaller on shrink ray island?

You can avoid being hit by the shrink ray by dodging behind objects as you run left across the lab floor. When you reach the crystal trophy and it gets shrunk, jump up to the desktop and hide behind the microscope, then the globe. When the globe stand is shrunk, the globe falls to the floor. Shove it a little to the right, and you will need to have either the beaker or books left to hide behind. Jump to the globe, the chair, and the lab bench, where you can hide behind the apple. Before he fires again, hide behind the large mirror, which will reflect the beam back on him.

How do you install the cabin filter on a 2004 subaru legacy wagon?

Behind the globe box