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Q: What name on a compass is 90 degrees?
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How many degrees in a directional compass?

there are 360 degrees in a compass

How do you convert 90 degrees to 135 degrees on the compass?

135 degrees is SE

How do you construct a 270 degree angle with a compass?

90 degrees multiplied by 3...

Two angles that can be trisected with a straightedge and compass are a 90 degrees angle and what other degree of angle?

45 and 90 degree angles

What does SSE represent in degrees?

SSE stands for South-South-East in meteorological terms and represents a compass heading of around 157.5 degrees. This means that SSE is halfway between due south (180 degrees) and due east (90 degrees) on the compass.

How many degrees between west and east?


Two angles that can be trisected with a straight edge and compass are what degrees?

45 degree and a 90 degree angles

What is the name of the line if it is 90 degrees?

Perpendicular lines meet at 90 degrees

How you can measure 90 degree angle with compass?

On a compass, 90 degrees means due east. The other device called a compass is used to transfer distance and draw circles, but not to measure angles. It's most likely that the word problem you were looking at meant "east".

What is 30 degrees north and 70 degrees east?

If you look at a compass, it points north. Each mark is one degree, and there are 360 on a compass, so 30 degrees east of north means that you head towards the thirtieth park to the east (right) of north. On a watch, if 12 o'clock is north, then 1 o'clock is thirty degrees east of it.

How many degrees are there between north and eats on a compass?

90 because north to east is 1/4 of a circle

How do you draw an angle of 90 degrees?

Use a protractor or construct 2 perpendicular lines with a compass and a straight edge