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Q: What number can 20 and 30 both divide by?
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What is the smallest number into which both 20 and 30 will divide evenly?

The smallest number into which both 20 and 30 will divide evenly is 60.

What is the equivalent fraction for 20 over 30?

20/30 divide both 20 and 30 by 2 10/15... this is a equivalent fraction divide both 20 and 30 by 5 4/6... this is an equivalent fraction divide both 20 and 30 by 10 2/3... this is an equivalent fraction

How do you turn a number out of 30 into a number out of 20?

Say you had to turn 9/30 in to twentieths. First you find the common denominator of 30 and 20 (the lowest thing that both of them multiply into) and then multiply the first number into it. So 9/30 would turn into 18/60, which you can then divide by 3 to get twentieths, which is 6/20.

What grade is 6 out of 30?

6 of 30 is 20%, so a 20. In letter terms, it means you failed. To calculate this on future exams, simply divide the number of correct answers by the total number of questions on the exam. On this one for example, divide 6 by 30, which is how you arrive at the answer, which is a score of 20.

What is the smallest positive whole number that both 25 and 30 will divide?


What is The sum of 20 and a number is 30?

Let the unknown number be n.Then 20 + n = 30 : Subtract 20 from both sides gives :-20 - 20 + n = 30 - 20 : n = 10

When you divide a number by another number is the answer always smaller than the number you divided into?

Not necessarily. When you divide by a fraction, the answer can be bigger than both of them. 6 ÷ 1/5 = 30

600 divide by 20?


What is the LCM 0f 30 and 40 and 20?

The LCM of all those numbers is 120 because it is the first number that 30, 40 and 20 divide into evenly.

Why is 30 the answer to LCMs of10 and 15?

Because 30 is the smallest number that both 10 and 15 can divide into evenly with no remainder.

How do you find the equivalent ratio of 25 to 30?

find a number that both sides divide by, in this case 5, and divide both numbers by it, in this case to make 5:6

What is another number from 20 to 30 that has the same number factors as 28?

20 and 28 both have six factors.