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Xtractor - A number that can be used to estimate the size of other numbers.

Xtractor is a commonly used math word in 6th grade and Up.


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2009-12-01 00:07:38
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Q: What number can be used to estimate the size of other numbers?
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What is a reference number that can be used to estimate the size of other numbers?


What is A nice number that can be used to estimate the size of other numbers?


What is benchmark in math?

a reference number that can be used to estimate the size of other numbers. im copying this straight from my notebook.

How do you find the average in fractions?

The same as you would find the average of other numbers. Add all the numbers together, then divide by the size of the set - by the number that indicates how many numbers you have.

What is an important detail about rational number?

Although infinite in number, they are very much a minor subset of the real numbers. If A denotes the number cardinality of rational numbers (the size of the set), then the cardinality of irrational numbers is 2A. In mathematics, A is "Aleph-null" but I cannot get this xenophobic browser to accept characters from other languages.

What is the difference between the size in youth and women toms?

The size number in youth is two numbers smaller than the size number in women's. Example: Women's size 7 = Youth size 5.

What do tire numbers mean?

numbers mean the size of the tire,the size of the wheel they will fit on and the width of the tire.also found on all tires are a serial number

Thorpe park employee numbers?

your number is your mums belt size.

What is the size of an integer?

An integer is any number, and since there are an infinite amount of numbers, the size of an integer is unlimited.

What does a number 9 symbol mean on the inside of a ring?

the numbers 6,7,8,9or10 would just be the ring size sometimes they put the size in the inside of the ring but if it has any other # or letters in it it could be real.

One number is 5 times as large as another and the sum of the numbers is 240 find the numbers?

The sum of the numbers is 240. If one number is 5 times as big as the other then 240 must be divided by 6. 240/6 = 40. The smaller number must be this while the larger number is 5 times the size. Small number = 40 Larger number = 40 * 5 = 200

What does it mean to say that a number varies by a factor of two from another number?

Factors are terms that multiply. If two numbers differ by a factor of two, it means that one is twice the size of the other.

Range of numbers?

Put the numbers in size order. The range is the biggest number minus/take away the smallest number. 123456789, in this case it is 8. GET IT?

What is a database field size?

Field size defines the maximum number of characters or numbers that a particular field can hold

Why is 99 the biggest number on a jersey in the NFL?

because the size of the numbers are set

How many up numbers of any size have primes only as digits?

An n-digit number has 4^n such numbers.

What is the meaning of number 3 4 and 5 soccer ball besides the size What do the numbers stand for?

The standard size of the ball

Defines the maximum number of characters or numbers that a particular field can hold?

Field size

Is a median number higher than a mean number?

Imagine that you have a list of 15 numbers for example. The mean is the average of those number. In other words, take the sum of all the numbers and divide by how many numbers there are (15 in this case). The median is the "middle number," and is found by arranging all the numbers in order of size and then picking the middle number. If you have 15 numbers, the 8th number is the middle one (there would then be seven smaller numbers and seven larger). If instead you have an even number of numbers, then you don't have a single middle number (you have two), and so you would take the average of the two middle ones (for example, if you have 16 numbers, you take the average value of the 8th and 9th numbers as the median). Whether the median or the mean is larger depends entirely on the specific list of number that you are analyzing.

What do the numbers in tire size refer to?

The big numbers refer to the size of the tire, rim size, tire height and width, as well as load rating (for example, "LT" refers to Light Truck duty) Other (smaller) numbers refer to manufacture date, operating temperature, tire wear expectation and other information about the tire.

A reasonable estimate for the size of cell's nucleus?

What reasonable estimate for the size of a cell's nucleus?

Which number is median out of 24 numbers?

To get the median, you need to arrange them in order of size and then take the average of the middle two (12th and 13th) numbers.

How do you Estimate size to the nearest power of ten?

If you are estimating the size of a number, it's a matter of counting zeroes. If you are estimating the size of something else, such as the size of your backyard, you're going to have to take some kind of measurement.

How do you convert small to large number?

There are a number of things you could do to the small number: -- Add positive numbers to it. -- Subtract negative numbers from it. -- Multiply it by numbers greater than ' 1 ' . -- Divide it by numbers less than ' 1 '. -- Raise it to positive powers greater than ' 1 '. Repeat any of these steps until the small number grows to the size you want.

What is an absolute number on a number line?

Numbers can have an absolute magnitude, which means the size of the number whether positive or negative (in other words, 5 or -5 both have an absolute magnitude of 5) but there is no established meaning for "absolute number". Numbers can be a variety of things; they can be real or imaginary, they can be rational or irrational, they can be transcendental, they can be finite or transfinite. But they are not described as absolute (again, except in the contest of absolute magnitude).