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You would need to divide by -1/2.

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Q: What number can you divide a rational number to get a number that is twice the opposite of the rational number?
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What is the opposite of twice a number?

half a number

True or false is a number minus its opposite is twice the number?


What must be subtracted from twice the rational number minus five by two to get two by five?

Twice the rational number 5/2 = 5From this, you need to subtract 4 3/5 to get 2/5.

What is twice the quotient of a number and 35?

means divide the number by 35, then double it

What is the opposite of an opposite in math?

The additive opposite of a positive is a negative, and the opposite of a negative is a positive. If you reverse the sign twice (opposite of opposite) you have the original number. The same applies to an inverse (multiplicative opposite): the inverse of any inverse for a nonzero number is the original number. n (1/n)(n) = n

Why does the nucleus divide twice during meiosis?

Meiosis divides twice since it is trying to duplicate the cells to create two new daughter cells for the creation process in species. It is the opposite of mitosis.

What is the number that is 33 greater than twice the opposite of itself?

11, you can write the question in the form of x=-2x+33, then add 2x to both sides to get 3x=33, now divide both sides by 3 and you get x=11.

How do you figure out what the width is with a length?

if you have the area. divide the area by the length to get the width. If you have the perimeter subtract the length twice and divide the number you have by two. If it is a square the width is the same as the length.

The sum of 6 times some number and 3 is equal to 5?

if the product of a number and -7 is reduced by 3, the result is 33 less than twice the opposite of the number. What is the number?

What is twice a number?

Twice the number n is 2n.

How do you divide decimal?

move the decimal over twice

How many times does the cell divide in meiosis?


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