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a billion and one

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Q: What number comes after a billion?
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Related questions

What number comes after billion?

A billion and one.

What number comes after 9 billion?

9 billion and 1.

What number comes after 1 billion?

1 billion and one

What number period comes after a billion?


If 1 billion comes after 1 million what comes after 1 zillion?

Ok first, 1 zillion is not a number, people just made that up. Second, the number that comes after on BILLION is two billion.

What number comes just before 1 billion?


What number comes before one trillion?

999,999,999,999, 999 billion

What number comes after a billion 99million 999thousand 999?

1,099,999,999 + 1 = 1,100,000,000

What number comes after one million billion trillion?

One million billion trillion and one. If you meant what group of numbers, then the answer would be one million billion trillion quadrillion.

What comes after billion?

In the US a trillion comes after a billion. In other countries, a billion is called a milliard and a billion would be equivalent to a trillion in US terms.

What number comes after 9 hundred and 99 billion?

999,000,000,001...if we are using only whole numbers

What number comes after 99 gazillion billion googol?

99 gazillion billion google one

What comes after a billion?


What comes before a billion?

If you are talking about what number, it would be 999,999,999 If you are talking about what set of numbers it would be the millions

What is the number after billion?

a billion and 1

What is number after Billion?

billion and one

What comes after One Billion?


What comes after a blillion?

a billion one

What comes afther a billion?


What comes after million and billion and trillion?


What comes after a million billion and trillion?


What comes after a million billion trillion?


What comes after a million billion and a trillion?


What number is after a billion?

One billion and one. (1000000001)

What is the whole number for seven billion?

7 billion