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Technically, any number can be divided by any and all non-zero numbers, but I'll assume you mean evenly. There is no number that is evenly divisible by nine but not three because 9 is equal to 3x3. So when you divide by 9 it is the same as dividing by 3 twice.

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Q: What number could divide by nine but not by three?
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How to get one third of a number?

you must first divide a number by three...Such as a third of the number nine is three because nine divided by three is three! :-) Or you can multiply a number by a third...Such as saying 9 * 1/3 = 9/3 = 3 Hope that that was helpful

Can you divide a number by nine?

yes any factor of nine can be divided by nine

Is 189 a multiple of 3?

Yes it is. If the digits of a number added together will divide exactly by three (or nine) then the number itself will also divide exactly by 3 or 9. In this case, 1+8+9=18... which is exactly divisible by 3.

What number can you divide by nine?

Itself and any of its multiples

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This depends on your perception in part. It could be one half of 666, or it could simply be three 3's, which would be nine, which is a goddess number. Three itself is considered to be a magic number, so it could be something that is three times magical.

How do you work out one third of nine?

Divide the nine by three. Thus: 9 ÷ 3 = 3

You are searching for a number that when these operations are performed will have an answer of 7 Here are the operations add 5 multiply by 3 divide by 4 and subtract 2?

Here is how I arrived at the answer: start with the number seven add two, multiply by four, divide by three, subtract five. The answer is seven. Ceck it: seven plus five is 12, 12 times three is 36, 36 divided by four is nine Nine minus two is seven.

Can three divided into nine be a whole number?

nine divided by three equels 3

What is 9 fifteenths in its simplest form?

Nine fifteenths in simplest form is three fifths. Since the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) they have is 3 (you may make a 'T' chart or a Factor Tree to find out), divide the numerator (top number of fraction) and the denominator (bottom number of fraction) both by three. So the simplest form of nine fifteenths is three fifths.

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Is the square root of nine an irrational number?

The square root of nine is three, and that is not an irrational number.

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you cant you crazy person

What is the largest three digit number with a digit sum of nine?

900 It is the only three digit number with a nine in the numbers place

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If you add 7 to me and then divide the result the answer is 8 what number am I?


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If there's nine months in a pregnancy then divide by three to get a trimester. Therefore there are three months in a trimester

How do you divide a scalene triangle into nine triangles?

Divide each of the sides of the triangle into three. Join corresponding points on each pair of sides.

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What is the simplified answer of nine and three ninths as a mixed number?

nine and one-third.

Is 9 a square number?

yes. If you multiply three by three you get nine.

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A number.

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