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Q: What number divided by its square root and then cubed equals 125?
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What is the square root of 9 Then cube it?

27 The square root of a number is "the number times itself that equals the original number". The square root of 9 = the number times itself that equals 9. In this case it is 3 (3 x 3 = 9). To cube a number, multiply the number by itself two times. The square root of 9 cubed would be 3 x 3 x 3, or 27.

What number cubed equals 192?

5.7689982812296335292865532431204 cubed = 192

What number cubed equals 0.027?

0.3 cubed = 0.027

What number equals 8 when its cubed?

8 = 2x2x2

What number cubed equals 1728?

The number 12.

What number cubed equals -512?

The number is -8

What number cubed equals -216?

The number is -6

What number is missing in the sequence 1-8-27-125-216?

64 should be between 27 and 125. (1 cubed equals 1. 2 cubed equals 8. 3 cubed equals 27. 4 cubed equals 64. Etc.)

What number cubed equals 2744?

x^3 = 2744 x = 2744(!/3) ( or 2744^(0.33333.....) x = 14

What number when cubed equals 8?

The answer is 2. 2 cubed means 2 to the 3rd power or 2x2x2 which equals 8.

What number cubed equals 125?

5 cube equals 125.

What number qubed equals 512?

It is 8 cubed equals 512

What number cubed equals 343?

The cubed root of 343 is 7

What number equals 8 when itis cubed?

The number is two.

What number cubed equals 320?


What number cubed equals 512?


What number equals 8 when cubed?


What number cubed equals 479?


What number cubed equals 222?

It is about 6.055048947

What number cubed equals 243?


Is 25 a cubed number?

No but 25 is a square number

What is the density of a material that has a mass of 27.0 g and a volume of 9.0 cm cubed?

density equals mass over volume... 27 divided by 9 equals 3... so your answer is 3grams/centimetre cubed.

What whole number equals 125 when it is cubed?


What number cubed equals 1000?

10 does.

What cubed number equals -22?

-2.8, or thereabouts.