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Integers, odd integers, negative integers, odd negative integers, rational numbers, negative rational numbers, real numbers, negative real numbers, square roots of 1, etc.

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Q: What number does the number -1 belongs?
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The atomic number 1 belongs to the?

Hydrogen is a gas element. atomic number of it is 1.

The atomic number 1 belongs to what atom?


Name every set of numbers to which the given number belongs to 45?

1 _ 3

What is the oxidation number of Li in Li2?

Li2 doesn't exist. The usual oxidation number for Li (lithium) is 1+ as it belongs to group 1 alkali elements.

What is the greatest number that belongs to the sets of integers and rational numbers but not in natural and whole numbers?

the greatest number that is an integer and rational number but is not a natural or whole number is -1

What is the group number of potassium on the periodic table?

Potassium belongs to group-1. It has one valence electron.

1.24 belongs to what family of real numbers?

The real number 1.24 is a rational number (124/100). It is also a mixed number (1 + 24/100ths).

What is the greatest number that belongs to the sets if integers and rational numbers but not to the sets of natural numbers and whole numbers?

the answer is -1

Is your routing number 021000021?

which bank it belongs to

The number -4 is what set of numbers?

The number -4 belongs to the set of all integers. It also belongs to the rationals, reals, complex numbers.

How can I look up who a telephone number belongs to?

Yes, you can find out who called you by doing a reverse phone number look up. You can also search for the number on Facebook to see if the number belongs to a user on there.

Is zero belongs to even or prime number?

Zero is a positive number which is not a prime number

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