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Seven squared = 7 x 7 = 49

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Q: What number equal 7 squared?
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What whole number equal 49 when squared and 343 when cubed?


What whole number equals 49 squared?

49 squared is equal to 2,401.The question may be trying to ask: "What whole number equals 49 when it is squared ?"In that case, the answer is 7.

Why is 7 squared equal to 49?

yes, 7 squared = 7x7=49

What is 3 squared times 7 squared times 8 as a composite number?

3 squared = 97 squared = 49Therefore, the sum is 9 x 49 x 8.This is equal to 3528.

An odd number when squared equals to an even number?

An odd number squared would always equal an odd number and an even number squared would always equal an even

Is 7 squared less than 145?

Yes because 7 squared is equal to 49

What is 3.14 times 7 squared?

3.14 times 7 squared is equal to 153.86

What number when squared will equal 7.29?

2.7 squared = 7.29

Is 7 squared a rational number?

Yes because 7 squared = 49 which is a rational number

What 2 integers squared equal 65?

1 squared plus 8 squared or 4 squared plus 7 squared

What does 9 squared equal?

When a number is squared, it means that it is that number is multiplied by itself. So in this case it would be 9x9 which is equal to 81.

What does the number 1 squared equal?

one squared equals one.

What number is equal to 144 when it is squared?

when 144 is squared it is the same as 12

A number squared is equal to 2601 What is the number?


The difference between a number squared and the number?

When a number is squared, it has been multiplied by itself. For instance: 4 squared means 4x4, which is equal to 16.

How do you know when a number is squared?

When the exponent on the number is 2, that means that it's squared. i.e. 42= four squared which is equal to sixteen.

Is 7 squared a real number?

Yes. '7 squared' means 7 x 7, which equals 49.

Is 7cm 11cm 15cm a right triangle?

No. 7 squared plus 11 squared does not equal 15 squared.

What number 7 is a squared number?

49 is the answer!

What number is equal to 16 squared?


What number squared equal 1000000?


What number squared Equal 15?


What does three squared equal?

Three squared is equal to 9. To square a number, means that you multiple the number or integer by itself, such as 3 x 3.

What does 7 squared equal?

49. 7x7=49

Two numbers that's do not equal each other but the first number squared equals the first number and the second numbered squared equals the first number and they do not equal zero or one what is number?

"First number squared equals the first number". This must be 1, but "they do not equal zero or one". No solution possible.