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Q: What number equals nine tenths?
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Related questions

What is nine tenths minus eight fifteenths?

Nine tenths minus eight fifteenths equals eleven thirtieths.

What is nine tenths minus one half equals?

4 tenths

Nine tenths equals how many hundredths?

It equals ninety hundredths.

What is sixty nine and seven tenths as a mixed number?

Sixty nine and seven tenths as a mixed number = 697/10

Which decimal equals nine tenths?

9/10 = 0.9

What number is between eight tenths and nine tenths?


What is four and nine tenths?

4 and 9/10th equals 4.9

What is the number for 99.9?

99.9 is a number.

How would write 12.9 in decimal number and words?

12.9 IS a decimal number. It is twelve and nine tenths.

What 0.4 plus 0.5 equals?

0.4 + 0.5 = 0.9, or nine tenths.

What is 9.40 in word form?

The number is nine and four tenths; or nine and forty one hundredths.

The fraction ninetenths is equivelent to what percent?

nine-tenths (9/10) equals 90%

What number equals 52 tenths?


What is the answer when you subtract nine tenth from three fifth?

3/5 also equals 6/10 or 6 tenths The answer is therefore 6 tenths minus 9 tenths = minus 3 tenths Assuming of course that these portions are from the same object/ number etc. you have 30% less than when you started.

What is nine tenths of 1 kg in grams?

Nine tenths (9/10) of a kilogram is equal to 9/10 x 1000/1, or 9000/10, which equals 900. So, 900 grams.

How many tenths are between 0 and 1 Write two greater numbers that have the same number of tenths between them as 0 and 1 do?

Nine of them. All consecutive integers have nine tenths between them.

What is the decimal number eight and nine tenths?


What is the number on the right of seven and nine tenths?


Is nine tenths a whole number?

No, because 9/10 is a fraction

What is the value of 9 in the number 32.9?

It is 9/10 = nine tenths

How many tenths are in 3 and a half?

If you assume that number 1 equals 10, then there are ten tenths in this. If you take the number up to 3.5, then this would be 35 tenths. However, if you are asking how many tenths are there in 3 and a half from the NUMBER 10, then this works out at 2.85.

How much is nine tenths of an inch?

Nine tenths of an inch = Nine tenths of an inch, or 90% of an inch. Or did you mean to ask what is nine tenths of an inch in 8ths, or 16ths, or . . . .

What is the sum of eight and nine tenths and nine and eight tenths?

The sum of (eight and nine tenths) plus (nine and eight tenths) is (eighteen and seven tenths). 8.9 + 9.8 = 18.7

What is a decimal number equal to the mixed number four and nine tenths?


What is 2.9 equal to?

Two and nine tenths.Two and nine tenths.Two and nine tenths.Two and nine tenths.