What number goes in 47 ad 50?

Updated: 10/18/2022
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Well 47 is prime and no number could go in both numbers.

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Q: What number goes in 47 ad 50?
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What number is eqivelent to 11 ad 5 12?

11 and 50/120 is one possible answer.

How long ago was 1350 AD?

50 + 600 + 18 = 668

What does ad infinity mean?

The Latin phrase is ad infinitum, and it means that something goes on and on and on. In other words, the same as "etcetera", or "and so on".

Why is it that in the year BC the count is descending and in the year AD the count is ascending?

The 'B' in 'BC' stands for 'BEFORE'. All the years 'BC' are years "Before" something. As time 'before' something goes along, you get closer and closer to the event, so the number of years 'before' it is descending. Until finally you reach the event, and you are at the year 'ZERO' before it. The 'A' in 'AD' stands for 'AFTER'. All the years 'AD' are years "After" something. If you're counting years 'after', you start at 'zero' when the event happens. Then as time 'after' it goes along, you get farther and farther from the event, so the number of years 'after' it is ascending.

Who are the authors of the books in the New Testament of the Bible and when were they written?

Matthew between AD 55 and 75. Mark before AD 70 Luke before AD 60. John between AD 45 and 110 Acts Luke around AD 64. Romans Paul AD 56 or 57. 1 Corinthians Paul AD 55. 2 Corinthians Paul AD 56. Galatians Paul AD 52 Ephesians Paul AD 63. Philippians Paul between AD 59 and AD 61. Colossians Paul AD 62. 1 Thessalonians Paul AD 50. 2 Thessalonians Paul AD 50. 1 Timothy Paul between AD 62 and AD 67. 2 Timothy Paul between AD 62 and AD 67. Titus Paul AD 63. Philemon Paul between AD 56 and AD 62. Hebrews Maybe Paul between AD 66 and AD 70 (before the destruction of Jerusalem AD 70). James James between AD 45 and AD 50. 1 Peter Peter between AD 62 and AD 64. 2 Peter Peter between AD 64 and AD 68. 1 John John between AD 85 and AD 90. 2 John John AD 90. 3 John John AD 90. Jude Jude between AD 60 and AD 65. Revelation John between AD 54 and AD 96 Although the document is internally anonymous, the authorship of this Gospel has been traditionally ascribed to St. Matthew" ( It seems that Wikipedia does not agree with the above. Not only on Matthew but almost all of the information written above. To the answer above, Do you have verifiable sources? Gospel according to Matthew (Greek:

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What number is eqivelent to 11 ad 5 12?

11 and 50/120 is one possible answer.

What was the year of the Assumption of Mary?

Approx. 47 AD.

How many years were there between 50 bc and 50 ad?

It is SIMPLY 100 years. Think of "bc" as - and "ad" as positive.Then 50 a.d. - 50 b.c. = 50 - (-50)50 + 50 100 years--------------------------------------There are 98 years between 50 BC and AD 50.

What century was 50 AD?

1st century AD

How do you return the stuff to the people on Time Tangled Island?

You can find a misplaced item at each time, and someone at each time is missing an item. It is just a case of matching recovered items to their proper owners.Here is a list of the items, where they are, and where they go :Golden Vase (at 831 AD) goes to 328 BCThor's Amulet (at 1593 AD) goes to 831 ADSalt Rocks (at 1776 AD) goes to 1387 ADNotebook (at 1882 AD) goes to 1516 ADSun Stone Piece (at 1877 AD) goes to 1519 ADStone Bowl (at 1805 AD) goes to 1593 ADDeclaration of Independence (at 1387 AD) goes to 1776 ADPeace Medal (at 1516 AD) goes to 1805 ADPhonograph (at 328 BC) goes to 1877 ADStatue of Liberty Model (at 1953 AD) goes to 1882 ADClimbing Goggles (at 1519 AD) goes to 1953 AD(see related question)

In a timeline of AD which goes first the AD 27 or AD 64?

AD 27 came first.

What is the difference between 50 ad and 2010 ad?

1960 years

What do you put in the coolant reservoir?

If the reservoir is low, ad a 50/50 mix of coolant and water. Or, buy it premixed and ad as is.

How many years has it been from 47 BC to 2012 AD?

the answer is 1965 years

What was the price for running a 30 second ad on super bowl 50?

Super Bowl 50 ad prices were running as high as $5,000,000 per 30 second ad.

Does AD go before or after the year?

AD is after and BC before

What year is 0050?

In the Gregorian calendar it is 50 AD or 50 BC