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Q: What number has 3 tenths 8 ones 0 hundredths and 9 tens?
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Does 72 equal 72 hundredths or 72 tenths?

The number 72 does not equal 72 hundredths or 72 tenths. In the number 72, the number 7 is in the tens position and the number 2 is in the ones position.

What number is 14 hundreds 5 tens 7 ones 9 tenths 3 hundredths?

It is 1,457.93

What is the answer to 1 hundreds 9 tens 9 ones 8 tenths and 1 hundredths?

The number is 199.81

What is 14 hudreds 5 tens 7 ones 9 tenths and 3 hundredths?

The number is 1457.93.

How do you write 0.40 in word form?

four tenths.

What is the underlined digit in 73.87 hundredths tenths ones or tens?


If I have 1 in the hundredths place 7 in the ones and the number in the tens place is less than the number in the tenths?

Given the information in the question, the number is indeterminate.

What if a number has a 4 in the tens place a 1 in the tenths place a zero in the hundredths place and a 9 in the ones place so what is the number?


How do you write 2 tens 6 units 4 tenths and 2 hundredths?

Write each of these numbers in digits 2 tens , 6 ones , 7 tenths & 8 hundredths

What is 4 tens 0 ones 0 tenths 3 hundredths?


What digit is in the tenths column of 97.1?

In the number 97.1we know that the 9 is in the tens place and the 7 is in the ones place. After the period we count tenths, hundredths, thousandths and so on. So in 97.1 the number 1 would be in the tenths place.

What is 22 hundreds 17 tens 5 ones 6 tenths 8 hundredths?


What is the answer to 25 hundreds 14 tens 1 ones 9 tenths and 9 hundredths?


What is 25 hundreds 14 tens 1 ones 9 tenths and 9 hundredths?


What is the answer to 24 hundreds 7 tens 8 ones 9 tenths and 2 hundredths?


What is the answer to 2 hundreds 17 tens 14 ones 8 tenths and 8 hundredths?


What is 3 tens 9 ones 6 tenths 4 hundredths In decimal form?


What is 13 hundereds 6 tens 3 ones 5 tenths and 5 hundredths?


How many tenths in 6.25?

There are 2 tenths in 6.25.. The 6 is in the ones column, the 2 is in the tenths column and the 5 is in the hundredths column.. (There's a difference between tens/tenths and hundreds/hundredths)

What digit is in the tenth column of 65.9?

The 9 is in the tenths column. Remember it's Hundreds, Tens, Ones, decimal, Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths.

Why do you line up decimals when do you add or subtract numbers?

You are lining up the place value columns, so that the tens are under each other, the ones are under each other, the tenths are under each other, the hundredths are under each other, etc so that when you do the addition/subtraction you are adding/subtracting the tens from the tens, the ones from the ones, the tenths from the tenths, the hundredths from the hundredths, etc. The easiest way to line up the place value columns is to align the decimal points. Remember that an empty place value column is the same as that place value column containing a zero. When adding/subtracting whole numbers align the numbers at their right hand end. What you are doing is actually aligning the "hidden" decimal points - the decimal point sits between the ones place value column and the tenths place value column; when there is no decimal part of a number, the decimal point (and trailing zeros) are not written, so it is "hiding" after the last (ones) digit of the number.

What number are you if you have 6 hundreds 3 ones 14 tens and 9 tenths?

If you have 6 hundreds 3 ones 14 tens and 9 tenths, you are 743.9.

What number has 15 hundreds 14 tens 3 ones 7 tenths and 16 hundredths?

1500 + 140 + 3 + 7/10 + 16/100 is 1643.86

What has three tens twentyone ones four tenths fifteen hundredths?

30+21+0.4+0.15 is 51.55

How do you write 4 millions 8 thousands A tens 6 ones 9 tenths and 5 hundredths in it?

It is 4,008,0A6.95