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Q: What number has 8 tens and 0 ones?
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Related questions

which is more a number with 4 hundreds but 0 tens or a number with 8 tens and 5 ones?

IS 5000 4000

What number has 3 tenths 8 ones 0 hundredths and 9 tens?


It is greater than 7 tens and less than 8 tens The number has 4 ones?

3.) 92 = 9 tens and 2 ones = 8 tens and

Which number has 3 tens and 8 ones?

38 has three tens and eight ones.

It is greater than 7 tens and less than 8 tens The number has 4 ones What is the number?

well 7 tens is 70 and 8 tens is 80 and the number containts 4 ones so it would be 74.

How many tens and how many ones does this number count 82?

8 tens 2 ones

What if your tens digit is 3 more than 5 my tens digit is double the number of my ones digit what number am i?

3 more than 5 is 8, so the tens digit is 8. The tens digit is,double the number of the ones digit, so divide 8 by 2 and you get 4. If you double 4 it is 8 so, the number is 84.

What number has 6 tens and 8 ones?


What is 27 plus 81?

27 plus 81 is 108. This is because if you add the ones place, which would be the 7 of 27 and the 1 of 81 you get 8, which becomes the answer's one place. You then do the same thing except with the tens place, which are the numbers 2 and 8. Since this gives you 10, a double digit number, the 0 stays in the tens place and the 1 carries over to the hundreds place. So if you put the 8 in the ones place, 0 in the tens place, and 1 in the hundreds place, you get the number 108.

What number has 6 hundreds 5 fewer tens than 100 and 8 more ones than tens?

619 has.

What number has 8 hundreds 4 fewer tens than hundreds and 5 more ones than tens?

849 has 8 hundreds, 4 fewer tens than hundreds, and 5 more ones than tens.

You are a two digit number your ones and your tens digits are the same the sum of your digits is 8?

The number is 44; 4 + 4 = 8.

What is a number between 780 and 800 it has 8 more tens than ones?


You are a 3 digit number my hunreds digit is 8 les than your tens digit my tens digit is 5 more than your ones digit what number are you?


What is the numeral for 8 tens and 17 ones?

8 tens and 17 ones = 97

What number has 8 thousands the same number of hundreds no tens and 2 fewer ones than hundreds?


What number has 8 thousands 4 fewer hundreds than thousands 3 fewer tens than thousands and 2 more ones than tens?

The number is 8,413

When the ones and tens are multiplied separately each product is called a?

The general function is:1. y = a*x+bb is irrelevant and we can be removed2. y = a*xlets split x into ones and tens3. x = tens*10 + ones /e.g. 23 = 2*10 + 34. p1 = Multiplier of the onesp2 = Multiplier of the tens5. y = tens*10*p2 + ones*p1 /according to the question6. x*a = tens*10*p2 + ones*p1 /according to 2.7. (tens*10 + ones)*a = tens*10*p2 + ones*p1 /according to 3.8. tens*10*a + ones*a = tens*10*p2 + ones*p1 /regroup9. tens*10*a - tens*10*p2 + ones*a - ones*p1 = 0 /regroup10. tens*10*(a-p2) + ones*(a-p1) = 0 /regroup11. assuming "tens" and "ones" are not 0 then (a-p2) and (a-p1) must be 012. a-p2 = 0a-p1 = 013. a = p2a = p114. a = p1 = p2the answer is: when the Multipliers of ones and tens are equal then the product is called a.

What is a two digit number that has a tens digit that is 8 more than the ones digit?


How do you regroup 7 tens and 10 ones?

8 tens.

In the number 789.045 which number is in the tenths column?

It is digit and it is 0, if you mean tenths, 8 if you mean tens.

How do you round 62 to the nearest ten?

The answer is 60. 62 6= tens place 2= ones place 62 When you round up, the number HAS to be a number from 5-9 (5, 6, 7, 8, or 9). You can't round up when the number is from 0-4 (0, 1, 2, 3, or 4). So, that is why the answer is 60...or that is how you round it to the nearest ten.

How do you solve What number has 1 thousand 8 more hundreds than thousands 1 fewer ten than hundreds and 2 fewer ones than tens?

The number has 1 thousand. It has 8 more hundreds than thousands so it has 8 more hundreds than 1. That is, it has 9 hundreds. It has 1 fewer tens than hundreds so it has 1 fewer tens than 9. That is, it has 8 tens.It has 2 fewer ones than tens so it has 2 fewer ones than 8. That is, it has 6 ones. So the number is 1986.

What is the answer to 1 hundreds 9 tens 9 ones 8 tenths and 1 hundredths?

The number is 199.81

Your number has 7 tens its ones digit is 1 more than its tens digit what is your number?

So far, you know that your number has a seven in the tens column:7?The ones digit is one more than the tens digit, which is 7.7+1=8Your number is 78.

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