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your equation is this...

0 = x2 - 2

solve for x and you get the square root of 2..

your answer is the square root of 2...

sqrt(2) = 1.414213562


Actually it is 47. 49 is the perfect square of 7 and two less than that is 47 with 4 being in the tens place.

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Q: What number has a 4 in the tens place that is 2 less than a perfect square?
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Is there a prime number where there is 1 less than a perfect square?

3 is prime, 1 less than the perfect square of 4 (2x2)

What number is a perfect square a even number and less than 16?

It is: 4

Why is 572 NOT a square number?

A square number, or perfect square, is the square of an integer. 232 is less than 572, 242 is more, so it is not the square of an integer.

What is the perfect cube that is less than to 125?

It is 64 which is also a square number

How can you tell if a number is a perfect square?

One way is to get the prime factorization of the number. If every prime occurs an even number of times, it is a square, otherwise, not. Another is to estimate the square root of the number, and square it. If you get more than the number, try a lower estimate; if less, a higher one. Using interval bisection you very quickly zero in on the square root, if it is a whole number. If so, the number is a perfect square. Otherwise, you find 2 consecutive whole numbers between which is the square root, in which case it is not a perfect square.

Are prime numbers more or less common than perfect squares?

Any number squared except 0 is a perfect square so it follows that prime numbers are less common than perfect squares.

Why composite number which has perfect square root doesn't have factor less and greater then square root?

Actually it can, if it's not the square of a prime number. For example, 144 is the square of 12; but you can also factor it as 6 x 24.

What is the greatest perfect square ofr 5040?

5040 is not a perfect square. The greatest perfect square less than 5040 is 4900.

What number differs from a perfect square by 1 is even and is less than 30?

8, 10 24, 26

Biggest number of 6 digit which is perfect square?

1,0002 = 1,000,000 so 1 less is 9992 = 998,001

What is the 5 beprsique number?

A beprisque number nnn is an integer which is either one more than a prime number and one less than a perfect square, or one more than a square and one less than a prime. The 5th such number is 10.

What is the closet perfect square less that 340?


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