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Let the unknown number be n.

Then 20 x n = 177 : so n = 177 ÷ 20 = 8.85 or 817/20.

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Q: What number if multiplied by 20 equals 177?
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What number when multipled by itself gives 400?

20 when multiplied by itself equals 400.

What multiplied by what equals 400?

How about: 20*20 = 400

How do you figured out 20 squared?

Simple. When a number is 'squared' it simply means it is multiplied by itself. So, '20 squared' means 20 x 20, which equals 400.

What multiplied by 30 equals 20?


What two numbers added together equals 19 but multiplied together equals -20?


What multiplied by 15 equals -5?


What is 11x20 equals?

11 multiplied by 20 is 220.

What does 575x20 equals?

575 multiplied by 20 is 11,500.

What is r multiplied by 96 equals 20?

5/24 times 96 = 20

When a certain number is multiplied by 100 and the answer is 375 what is the answer when the same number is multiplied by 20?

375/100 = 3.75 x 20 = 75

How do you do 20 squared?

'20 squared' simply means 20 multiplied by itself (20 x 20). This equals 400.

What does 3 multiplied by x equals 20?

If 3x=20, then x=20/3 or approximately 6.67

What is the square root of 20?

The square root of 20 is: ± 4.472136The square root of 20 is ± 4.472136 (to 7 sf).A square root of a number is the number that when multiplied by itself equals the given number.

A number multiplied by 4 gives 20 The same number multiplied by itself gives?


What is the 20 percent off of 379?

The answer is 379 multiplied by .20 which equals 75.80 So 20% off of 379 is 303.20

What is 1.9 multiplied 6.666666 equals?


A number is multiplied by 5 if 3 is subtracted from the product you get 17 what is the number?

If three is subtracted from the product to get 17, the product must be 20. Then find what number can be multiplied by 5 to get 20. The answer is 4.

How many months are there in 20 years?

Twelve months in one year multiplied by 20 equals 240 months.

What the atomic number of F plus the atomic number of Na equals equals the atomic number of this element?

At No(F) + At No(Na) = 20.At No of Calcium = 20.

What is a even multiple of 20?

An even multiple of 20 is equal to 20 multiplied by an even number, that is 20 multiplied by 2k where k is any integer.

A number whose square is 20?

Well, a square number is the answer to a number multiplied by itself. So, what you'd have to do is multiply 20*20, and the answer is 400.

What is 1.6 written as a fraction?

8/5 1/5 equals .20, which multiplied by eight equals 1.60.

What number multiplied by its self gives the answer 400?

The answer is 20.

What is the number multiplied by 4 that gives 20?


What is the atomic number of calcium with 20m protons and 20 neutrons?

It equals to 20. Mass number equals 40