What number in Japanese is Nana?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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It's an alternate way to say the number seven (7), which is officially shichi.

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Q: What number in Japanese is Nana?
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What is the word 'nana' when translated from Japanese into English?

nana (also, shichi) means the number 7 in Japanese

What country is the name Nana from?

The name Nana is Japanese. It means seven.

What does the number 7 look like in Japanese?

7 is called na-na(In kanji 七) in japanese.

How do you say seventh in Japanese?


What are some of the songs Japanese singer Mizuki Nana has released?

Japanese singer Nana Mizuki has released a number of songs and has been moderately successful. Her hit song was "Innocent Starter". She has released a number of albums, and also works as a voice actress for anime television and video games.

What is the latin word for nana?

If you mean 'nana' to be the Japanese word for seven, then you want 'septum'.

What does juu nana mean?

"juu nana" is a Japanese word and in English it means "seventeen"

Seven hundred and seventy seven in Japanese?

nana-hyaku nana-juu nana (七百七十七)

How do you say 107 in Japanese?

hyaku nana

What does nana Yōso mean in Japanese?

七要素 (nana youso) means "Seven Elements".

How do you say 77 in Japanese?

77 may be written as 七十七 or 77 in Japanese, but would be pronounced as nana-juu-nana either way.

Is nana mizuki Japanese?

nooo.. she's actually Hispanic... of course shes japanese.