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Q: What number in the line up does the best hitter hit?
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Where does a lead off hitter hit the ball?

he is the first batter out of nine in the line up

What does the right side hitter do?

They hit behind the setter and usually come as a surprise hit. They hit cross court or line kills. And they can be a setter also.

When should you guard the lines in baseball?

a third baseman guards the line when there is a dead pull hitter, someone who tends to hit the ball to the left,at the plate. a first baseman guards the line when a batter comes up who has a tendency to hit the ball to the right, down the first base line. this is usually a lefty hitter

Who was the first sf giant to hit a no hitter?

actually there's never been a giant to hit a no hitter because you pitch a no hitter not hit it

Who was the best MLB hitter in 2011?

Miguel Cabrera hit .344 for Detroit in the AL (2011).

How do you place players in the proper position in the batting order?

You see which ones are most likely to get on base for the first 3 batters, and the 4th is who can hit the ball far, in hopes of driving in a grand slam or the most possible people. For 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th, it is 5th the best hitter in the 5th-9th group and 9th the worst, and line 6th to 8th up accordingly.------------------------------------------------------------------The Basic lineupHitter one - should have speed, and have a high on base average. Hitter two - should have the same qualities as the number one hitter but also be apt in hitting the baseball with precisions to sacrifice or hit the ball so that the runner on base can be advanced or moved into scoring position.Hitter three- is your best overall hitter, that could hit for both average, and for power.Hitter four - is your "cleanup hitter" A batter that has the ability to drive in runs with both power, extra base hits, and should also be a high average hitter.Hitter five is also an RBI spot, and should also be a good enough hitter to "protect" the number 4 hitter. Otherwise the opposing team could avoid pitching to the number 4 hitter and pitch to the weaker number 5 hitter in a RBI situation.Hitter six should have the same qualities as the number 5 hitter.This trend should continues to the 7th, 8th, or 9thhitters your weakest hitters on the team. The 9th spot in the order is reserved for the pitcher in the National League. In the American league the number 9 hitter should have some speed as not to slow down the number one hitter when getting on base when the lineup turns over or act as a lead off hitter to start an inning.

Find the option which best identifies the line hit the ball?

Complete sentance

Whats the best way to stike a ball?

The best way for me is to let go of the ball right when you hit the line.

What is a line three meters from the net which marks the limit for where a back row player must advanced in volleyball called?

This line is called the ten foot line.

What does it mean to pitch around a hitter?

It means to throw balls (in baseball) that are hard to hit so that the hitter will not hit them but he might get walked.

Why do downhill skiers hit the flags?

basically they hit the poles that the flags are attached to. this is because they want to get the best line possible to gain speed and achieve a better time. By hitting the gates it means they can get a tight line

Where must ace touch?

You have the best chances of getting an ace if you hit the line, either in the middle or in the corner.