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0.074 is 0.064 bigger than 0.01

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Q: What number is bigger .074 or .01?
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Which is bigger 7 or 074?

074 = 74 is bigger than 7.

Is 01 bigger than021?


When was Bigger created?

Bigger was created on -20-02-01.

Where in the UK is area code 07455?

A UK telephone number beginning with 074 is a mobile phone.

What is bigger a whole number or a real number?

Neither.For any whole number there is a real number which is bigger and for any real number there is a whole number which is bigger.

What is bigger an integer or a whole number?

For any integer, there is a whole number that is bigger, and for any whole number, there is a integer that is bigger.

Is a positive number bigger or smaller than a negative number?

It is bigger

If you convert kilometers to meters is the number bigger or smaller?

The number is bigger.

Is there a number bigger than quintrillion?

there is no number bigger than Quintilian

What is the number.01?

As a fraction the decimal number .01 is 1/100

What is the number .01?

As a fraction the decimal number .01 is 1/100

Is the bigger decimal a bigger number?


Is a larger number or smaller number a bigger spindle on a goped?

the higher the number the bigger the spindal

if the biggest number is google, is there a number bigger then that?

Its spelled googol, and a number bigger than that is a googloplex.

Evaluate 8x for each value of x x equals 074?

you times that number by the one replaced with x

Is Graham's number bigger than a googolplexplex?

Graham's number is much bigger!

Is a number bigger if its prime factorization is bigger than another number?


A negative plus a positive?

If the negative number is bigger, you get a negative number as an answer. If the positive number is bigger, you get a positive number as an answer.

Is 1.8 bigger than the number 2?

No, it is smaller. Bigger number- smaller number = + number 2-1.8 = 0.2

Which is bigger 0.7 or 0.87?

0.87 is the bigger number

What is bigger 9.489 or 9.479?

9.489 is the bigger number.

Which number is bigger 28455732 or 8146863?

28455732 is bigger.

Which number is bigger 0.99 or 9.9?

9.9 is bigger.

what number is bigger 35937 or 35397?

35397 is bigger

Is 01 a single digit number?

01 = 1

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