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it could be 600 but if u have to show ur work u shuld do guess and check to make it CLEARER!!

i dont know how i got to the answer..

i can try to figure it out now

ok so 600 divided into 2 =?

300? correct?


and 600 divided by 3 = ?

200? correct?


that means 600 is divisble by2 and 3 and it is Greater than 100 so ..

there u go im not a MATH EINSTEIN but im good at somethings .. obviously this!!

btw... i found this question in my gr.7 math textbooki

r u in grade seven too?

I AM lol ttyl

btw there are answers in the back of the text book

they only tell u the answer.. not how to get to it so good thing u came here!!


CIAO HEY r u Croation?

Bok!! lol

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14y ago
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Q: What number is divisble by 2 and 5 and is greater than 100?
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