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Q: What number is equal to 12 thousands plus 4 tens plus 7 ones?
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What number has 4 hundreds 2 tens and 8 ones?

428, plus any number of thousands, ten-thousands, hundred-thousands, millions, etc.,plus any fraction less than '1' .

What number has 4 ten thousands plus 3 hundreds plus 17 tens plus 9 ones?

40,000 300 170 9 = 40,479

What is 8 ten thousands plus 4 thousands plus 9 hundreds plus 4 tens plus 7 ones?


The number of your hundreds plus the number of your thousands is 3 the number of your tens is 7 ties the number of your hundreds the number of your ones is 3 the number of your thousands what naumber?

Could you please complete the words in your question? I am unable to solve a partial question.

How many ones are in 8000?

There are 8000 ones in 8000. ------------------------ The ones column is the column before the decimal point - in this case the decimal point is hiding at the end of the number and the ones column is the last digit. The ones column contains a 0 therefore there are no ones in 8000 8000 is eight thousands plus no hundreds plus no tens plus no ones.

Your thousands digit is twice your ones digit your hundreds digit is your ones digit plus 2 your tens digit is the difference between your thousands and hundreds digit what number can you be?

(a)(a-2)(a+2)(2a) It can be: 2044 3156 4268

How do you write 9 ten thousands plus 6 thousands plus 7 hundreds plus 1 ten plus 8 ones in standard form?


What does 432 thousands plus 5 ten thousands equal?

432000 + 50000 = 482000

How do you write 4 ten thousands plus 9 thousands plus 2 hundreds plus 6 ones in standard notation?

4x9+2x6 49,206

What is the standard form of 200 thousands plus 50 tens plus 3 ones?


How can you Unscramble the place value 3 ten plus 7 thousands plus 5 ten thousands plus 2 ones plus 6 hundreds?

Put the units in decreasing order. So: 5 ten thousands, 7 thousands, 6 hundreds, 3 tens, 2 ones. Since there are no missing units, the number is obtained by simply reading down the first characters: 57,632.

What is 3 thousands plus 7 tens plus 4 ones?

3000 + 70 + 4 = 3074