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2.1 is the greater number

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Q: What number is greater 2.1 or 2.019?
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What are prime number greater than 21?

There is an infinite number of prime numbers that are greater than 21. The next prime number after 21 is 23.

What is the first composite number after 21?

The first composite number greater than 21 is 22.

What number is twelve greater than 9?


What day is Easter in 2019?

In 2019, Easter Sunday will fall on April 21.

What is a number greater than 21 with more factors?


What is the greater common factor of the number 21 and 54?

The GCF is 3.

What is the even number greater than 21?


What divided by 21 is greater than 13?

Any number greater than 21*13. So 1 million is definitely a candidate.

What whole number greater than 20?

There are infinitely many whole numbers greater than 20. The first of these is 21.

What is the range for 14 9 11 21 7?

14. If you have the numbers in order like so: 7,9,11,14,21 you can see that 21 is the greater number. You then subtract 21 from the smallest number, 7, and you get 14.

Why is 2019 a composite number?

Yes it is. You can divide 2019 by 3.

What number greater than 25 has more factors than 21?


What number as much greater than 34 as it is less than 76?

34+21 = 55 and 70-21 = 55

How many odd numbers are greater than 20 and less than 200?

First odd number greater than 20 is 21 Last odd number less than 200 is 199 → number of odd numbers between 20 and 200 is (199 - 21) ÷ 2 + 1 = 90

Is 2019 prime or a composite number?

2019 is a composite number. This is because composite numbers are any number that has more than two factors(one and itself). Therefore, since 3 and 673 are factors of 2019 that makes it a composite number.

When will Easter fall on April 21?

Easter Sunday will next fall on April 21 in 2019.

What is greater -38 or 21?

21 is greater than -38.

Why is 2019 a prime number?

A prime number has as its only two factors: one and the number. This is not the case for 2019. Just by looking at it an summing up the digits (2+0+1+9 = 12), I know that 2019 is divisible by 3 (so 3 is a factor of 2019), therefore 2019 is not prime.

Is 2.1 greater than 21?

no 21 is greater than 2.1.

Which is greater negative 21 or negative 22?

-21 is greater. With respect to zero, -22 is greater.

Is -20 greater than -21?


If two numbers are written in scientific notation how can you tell which is the greater number?

The number with the greater coefficient and/or exponent is the greater number. n x 10^E where "n" is the coefficient, and "E" is the exponent. examples: 1.23 x 10^21 > 1.23 x 10^20 1.22 x 10^21 > 1.21 x 10^21 1.22 x 10^21 > 1.22 x 10^-21 see for reference.

Is 12.3 greater or less than 3.21?

It is greater than. Don't let the decimals confuse you. Think of it as 12 and 3 individually. If it is the same number such as 3.3 and 3.21, look at the .3 and .21, the first digit number to see if it's greater than

What is the prime number greater than 6 but less than 97?

There is no "the" prime number in that range - there are 21 of them. If you want "the" prime number you will need to be more specific.

What number is greater than 20 and less than 30 with 3 factors?

Your Mama! I mean 21.