What number is greater 7 or 07?

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7 = 07

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Q: What number is greater 7 or 07?
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How to figure out what is greater than .07?

You add an positive number to .07. The answer is greater than .07

Which is the greater amount .07 .7 .79?


Is 0.7 greater than 0.5?

Make sure that both numbers have the exact same number of places past the decimal then ignore the decimals. 7 is greater than 5 therefore 0.7 is the greater.

0 and 7 which is greater?

The number 7 is greater that the number 0. The number seven has more value.

What is 7 greater than half a number?

7 greater than half a number

What is greater 07 or 051?

051 as in 51 is bigger than 7

Which is a greater number -3 or -7?


Which is greater -7 7 3 -3?

Of these four numbers, 7 is the greater one. To help explain it: If the number is a positive number, then the higher the number, the greater the value. But if it's a negative (-) number, then the higher the number, the less the value of it is. Since -7 is the same as 0 minus 7, it would be the least. So that means the 7 would be the greatest number. And the 3 is greater than the -3 and greater than the -7, too.

Is the number 1 decimal 7 greater than the number 1 decimal 07?

1.7 > 1.07 1.7 = 1 and 7 tenths 1.07 = 1 and 7 hundredths 1 tenth = 10 hundredths 7 tenths = 70 hundredths > 7 hundredths.

Is 07 greater than or less than 0.15?

It is difficult to answer without knowing exactly where the decimal point is in 07 so here are the three options. .07 is less than 0.15 0.7 is greater than 0.15 7 is greater still.

Which is greater on a number line 0 or 7?


What number is 7 greater than -14?


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