What number is greater than 3?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What number is greater than 3?
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What is 3-digit number greater than 699?

3-digit number greater than 699 = -696

Is 1.8 greater than the number 3?

No because 3 is greater than 1.8

Is 3 over 5 greater then 4.4?

No, 3/5=0.6, a number less than one cannot be greater than a number greater than one.

Is a mixed number greater than a whole number?

Not always as for example 4 is greater than 3 and 3/4

Which number is greater -4 or 3?

3 is the greater number.... -4 is negative - and is 7 less than 3.

What greater than means?

A larger number. 4 is greater than 3.

Which is a greater number -3 or -7?


An unknown number is greater than 3 Multiply by 5 the excess of that number beyond 3 the result of the multiplication is 7 greater than 3 times the number what is the number?


Is -3 greater than or less than -6?


What number is greater than 5 but less than 3?

There is no such number.

What is a greater number than 6 but divisible by 3?

9 is greater than 6 and divisible by 3.

What does an underlined greater than sign mean?

It means greater/less than or equal to. For instance x>3 could be any number greater than 3, but not 3. With the underline, it could be any number greater than or including 3.