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Infinity and 1

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Q: What number is greater than infinity?
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Is infinity a number and what value is it?

Infinity is any number greater than a number that already exists Infinity is any number greater than a number that already exists

What is the largest prime number greater than 200?

This is the same as asking "What is the largest prime number?". The answer would be infinity, but infinity isn't a number. There is no answer. Maybe you meant to ask: "What is the SMALLEST prime number greater than 200?". The answer to that is 211.

what is a number greater than infinity?

infinty times infinty is also infinty

What number is greater than 7.923 and less than 7.929?

There is a infinity of these. One such number would be the average, 7.926

What number is 20 fewer than?

all numbers greater than 20! 21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31....infinity

Is the set of integers greater than ten is finite?

No, there are an infinite number of integers. So, there would be an infinite (infinity/2-1) number of positive integers. And, there would be an infinite (infinity-10) number of integers greater than ten.

Is -0.4 greater than -0.5?


How many numbers greater than 100 are divisible by 7?

lots every 7th number from 100 to infinity which is infinity

Who believed that negative numbers were greater then infinity?

It can't be, because one is grater then any negative number and an infinity number is grater than one.

What is one bigger than -5 on the number line?

One number greater than -5 on the number line is -4.

What is greater than seven eighths?

fifteen sixteenths, and an infinity of other numbers less than one as well as the infinity of numbers greater than or equal to one.

What is greater than infinity?

Answer 1) infinity + 1 Answer 2) Obviously any number added to infinity would still make infinity. Therefore the question is nonsensical because there cannot be any number greater than infinity. Infinity is a transcendental number which defies the limitations of common mathematics because of its sheer Simplicity! Although, not strictly a number, it nevertheless manifests all numbers.Some question how that which is infinite can possibly consist of parts? This is where mathematics enters the realm of abstract speculation, philosophy and metaphysics.

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