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There are no numbers that are more than 5 but less than 3.

3 is less than 5, so anything that is less than 3 is also less than 5.

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Q: What number is more than 5 but less than 3?
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What is the algebraic expression for 3 more than a number?

To get three more than a number, add there. If the number is n, then three more than n is n + 3.

What is the number less than 9 tens and more than 3 ones?

4 to 89

What number is more than 0.35 but less than 0.41?


I am a number more than 102 i am a number less than 104 i have a 3 in the ones place what am i?

I am 103

What is less than 18 over 100 and more than 3 over 10?

Nothing. Any number that is less than 18/100 it must be less than 3/10.

What two digit number is one more than a square number and one less than a cubic number?

26 5*5 and 3*3*3

If 6 more than the product of a number and -2 is greater than 10 what could be that number?

the number is less than or equal to -3

What is the prime number that is more than 3 but less than 7?


What is the number Five more than three times a number is three less than five times the number?

Five (5) more than (+) three times a number (3x) is (=) five times the number (5x) less (-) three (3) 5 + 3x = 5x - 3 x = 4

What is a factor of 20 it is less than 15 more than 3 it is not a even number?


What number has exactly 3 factors and is less than 40 but more than 12?


What number is 11 more than 55 and 9 less than 75?


What number less than 100 has more than 3 prime factors?

If you're allowed to repeat factors, 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16. If not, no number less than 100 has more than 3 distinct prime factors.

3 less than the product of 9 and a number?

3 less than the product of 9 and a number

Is 2 more or less than 3?

2 is less than 3

Is 3 more or less than 5?

3 is less than 5.

If 4 more than twice a certain number is 3 less than that number what is the number?

the equation is 2x + 4 = x - 3 solving it yields x = -7

What number less than 95 with the product of the digits equal to 3 more than 5 dozen?


What weighs less than a positive number less than one millionth?


Is 3 units an acceptable scale in physics graphs?

If the number of units involved in what you are plotting is less than 1, or more than 3, then no.

What is the product of 2 less than a number and 3 more than the number?

(x - 2)(x + 3) = x2 + 3x - 2x -6 = x2 + x - 6

What is the probability of rolling a number less than 3 and greater than 4 with one roll of a number cube?

The probability is zero. No number can be less than 3 and greater than 4.

How do you write 3 less than a number?


Is -4 greater or less than -3?


What number is greater than 5 but less than 3?

There is no such number.