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how do get 20?
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Q: What number is one fourth of 80?
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What is the number that is one tenth of one fourth of one fifth of one half of?


What number is 1 fourth of 80?

80/4 = 20

What number is three fourth of 80?


What is 80 divided by one fourth?

(80) / (1/4) = 320

What is one - fourth of 80?

80 ÷ 4 = 20

What is one-fourth of 320?

It is: 0.25*320 = 80

What is one fourth of 320 rods?

80 rods

The mean of 4 numbers is 88The sum of 3 of the numbers is 80 what is the fourth number?

Let the fourth number be x. We have: (80 + x)/4 = 88 (multiply both sides by 4) 80 + x = 352 (subtract 88 to both sides) x = 272 Thus, the fourth number is 272.

How do you find one fourth of a number?

Divide the number by four. (One fourth is the same as one quarter.) One fourth of 8 is 2. One fourth of 16 is 4. One fourth of 100 is 25.

Is one fourth a real number?

One fourth is a real number; you can easily place it on the number line.

What is the mixed number of one and one fourth?

The mixed number of one and one fourth is 1 1/4

What number is one fourth?

One-fourth of a hundred (100) is 25.

Is one fourth an irrational number?

No. one fourth equals 0.25.

What is the whole number of one fourth?

There is no number

What is six and one fourth as a mixed number?

Six and one fourth as a mixed number = 61/4

How many times does one fourth go into twenty?

80 times.

Is one and one fourth a rational number?


Is one-fourth a whole number?

No, it is not.

What fraction equal to one fourth?

There are an infinite number of fractions that equal one-fourth.

What is thember missing number one-fourth 8?

One fourth of 8 is 2.

What is 1 fourth of 284?

The answer is 71. To find one fourth of a number, divide the number by 4, and there you will have it.

What is the least number of 80?

The least number that can be rounded off to 80 to the nearest integer is 75.

How do you use a number line for two and one fourth?

two one fourth the two is bigger than the one fourth so it comes last and the one fourth comes first.

What number is one fourth of 360?


What number is one fourth of 24?