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If you cut a cake in two, you get two halves.

If you cut it again you get four quarters.

Half of one half is a quarter.

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Q: What number is one half of a half?
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Less than one half of a number?

Less than one half of a number is a quarter of a number.

What is the statement when the equation 0.5t equals 267. Is represented as which statement One-half a number is 267 or One-half of 267 is a number?

The statement that represent that is one - half a number is 267.

Is taking one half of a number the same as dividing the number by one half?

No. Taking one half of a number is the same as dividing it by 2. If you divide a number by 1/2 that's the same as multiplying it by 2.

What number is one half of 1110?

To get one-half of any number, just divide it by 2.

One third of a number is less than half of the same number what is the number?

One-third of ANY number is less than half of that number - no matter what number you pick.

What number is half of 23?

eleven and one half

Is 1.50 a whole number?

No. It is one and a half. And the ".. and a half" bit shows that it is not a whole number.

What mixed number is three times as large as one half?

one and a half

Number value of one-half?

One half is one half. It can be written as a fraction (1/2) or a decimal (.5)

What is one Half multiplied by one?

Multiplying any number by one has no effect. Half multiplied by one is still a half.

What is half of 23.5?

To calculate one-half of any number, divide the number by 2.

Is one half a integer?

No, one half which is 1/2 is not a integer. Its a rational number.

Does 2.5 stand for half?

The number 2.5 stands for two and one half. Adding .5 to a number is what makes the number equal to one half. Examples of this include 10.5, 7.5, 9.5, and 103.5.

What does one-half round to?

One half usually rounds up, that is to One, the next whole number.

What is one and one half rounded to?

One and one half is 1.5. 1.5 rounded to the nearest whole number is 2. When the number is 5 or more you round up.

What number is less than 3 one half?

Zero is one such number.

Why is 0.5 to the power of two equal a smaller number than 0.5?

0.5 is one half."0.5 to the power of two" is (one half of one half).Surely you can see that (one half of one half) is less than (one half).[ (Any number less than 1) to the power of two ] is less than the original number.

Is one half a whole number?

No, it is not.

Is one half a number?


What is the decimal number for one half oz?

The decimal number for one half is 0.5 It does not matter whether it is oz or mile or tonne or metre.

What is the probability of rolling an odd number on one toss of a number cube?

A half.A half.A half.A half.

What is a verbal phrase for one half multiplied by a number?

number divided by two or half of number

What is the greatest number five sixth or one ninth or two fifth or one half?

one half is greadest

What number is halfway between one half and one on the number line?


What is six and a half as a whole number?

Six and a half is an improper fraction. It is not a whole number and cannot be made into one.

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