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1/10 of 800 is 80

1/4 of 80 is 20

1/2 of 20 is 10.

One half of one quarter of one tenth of 800 is equal to 10

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Q: What number is one half of one quarter of one tenth of 800?
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What is the value one half of one quarter of one tenth of 800?


What number is half of a tenth of a quarter of a half of 800?

5 800 (half) = 400 400 (quater) = 100 100 (tenth) = 10 10 (half) = 5 800 / 2 = 400 / 4 = 100 / 10 = 10 / 2 = 5 :D DannyG

What is a quarter of 800?

200 is a quarter of 800.

What is a tenth of 800?


How can you tell when a fraction is equivalent to one half?

when the top number is half of the bottom number (1/2, 3/6, 800/1600, etc.)

What number is halfway between 400 and 800?


How much would 800 quarters weigh?

800 US quarter dollars minted in 1964 or before weigh about 11 pounds. 800 US quarter dollars minted after 1964 weigh about 10 pounds.

What is one - tenth of 1 800 000?


What is one tenth of 800 pupils?

80 pupils

What is a quarter of a track?

A normal track is about 800 meters, to find a quarter of a track simply divide by 4. 800 divided by 4 is 200. A quarter of a track is 200 meters. Hope I helped!

What is bigger half a kg or 800 grams?

800 grams is larger ! Half a kilo = 500g

What is 800 divided by 30?


What number comes after 799?

The next integer is 800

What is 793 round to the nearest hundred?

800. if the tenth place is higher than 5 than you round the 7 to 8 so your answer is 800

What percentage is 800 subtracted from 800000?


What does it mean if a silver bowl has a half moon crown and the number 800 in the order?

A silver bowl with a half moon crown marking and the number 800 on the bottom means that the silver bowl was made in Germany. It is hard to say when the piece was made, but many pieces of this type were made in Germany just before WWII.

What is half of 1600?


Can you take a half of 800 ml Ibuprofen?

Yes you can i take half of the 800's all the time and its safe as long as your an adult to take the whole 800

Name what is the number halfway between 500 and 800?

Halfway between means if we put the two numbers on the number line, we find the distance between the two numbers and if we go half that distance we get to the number we are looking for.Now the distance between 500 and 800 is 800-500 or 300.We need half of that which is 150. So now take 500+150=650 or take 800-150 which must also be 650.

Are 800 ml more or less than half a liter?

Since 500 mL is half of a litre, 800 mL is more than half.

What is 50 percent of 800?

That would be 400. Because 50% is half. So 800 divided in half is 400.

If one inch on a map equals 800 miles how far is three and a half inches?

Three x 800 = 2400, half an 800 = 400, total 2800.

What is the difference between1 quarter of 800 and the 1 fifh of 1000?

It is 800/4 minus 1000/5 = 0

What is two quarters of 800?

Two quarters equals one half so one half of 800 equals 400.

Divide 800 by a quarter and add 10?


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