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8272. 9272 - 1000 = 8272

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Q: What number is one thousand less than 9272?
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What is one thousand less than 78000?

The number which is 1000 less in value than the number 78000 would be 77000.

What number is 100 less than one thousand?


What number is 10 less than eight thousand?


What number is one less than twenty thousand?


What is a number greater than ten thousand but less than nine hundred thousand nine hundred ninety nine?

eleven thousand.

What number is one hundred less than 10 thousand?


What number is one thousand less than 5724?

This is a simple subtraction problem. One thousand, or 1,000, less than 5,724 is 5,724 - 1,000 = 4,724.

What is the biggest number that is more than thousand but less than a million?

hundred thousands

What number is one hundred less than ten thousand?

9,900 (nine thousand nine hundred)

What number is ten thousand less than 262 340?

252,340 of course !

What number is twenty less than ten thousand?

10,000 - 20 = 9,980

Is the number 213753 is ten thousand more than 223753?

No, it's less.

What number is one hundred less than twenty thousand?

It is: 20,000 -100 = 19,900

What is the nearest thousand of number 6109?

It is: 6000 because 100 is less than 500

Which number is 1 less than 10 thousand?

It is 9,999.It is 9,999.It is 9,999.It is 9,999.

What is 1000 less than 100 thousand?

99 thousand

How do you round 9267 to the nearest thousand?

The thousand spot is the number 9 in this case because thousand has three digits after it. You must look at the next number to see if it is more or less than 5. It is less than 5, so you round down to 9,000

What number rounded to the nearest hundred thousand in 319694?

It is: 300,000 because 10,000 is less than 50,000

What is the nearest thousand of number 2345?

It is: 2000 because 300 is less than 500

My tens digit is 4 less than my thousand digit. My ones digit is twice my tens digit.My ten thousand digit is one less than my ones digit. my hundreds digit is the sum of my tens and thousand digit.?

I am a four digit number. My tens digit is 2 more than my ones digit. My hundreds and thousands digit are both 1 less than my ones digit. What number can i be?

Is one less than ten thousand?

Yes one is smaller than ten thousand.

How many times less is tens than thousand?

just one time means we less the ten from thousand and ten its become thousand

How many times less is hundred than hundred thousand?

One thousand.

What is the biggest whole number that is less than one hundred thousand?

That would be 99,999. It is written out as ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine.

What number rounds to 47000 when rounded to the nearest thousand?

Any number that's at least 46,500 and also less than 47,500 does that.