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Define opposite. The additive inverse is -90, the multiplicative inverse is 1/90

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The opposite of 90 is -90 (minus 90).

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The answer depends on whether you mean the additive inverse (opposite) or the multiplicative inverse.

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Q: What number is opposite of 90?
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What is the opposite value for - 90?

The answer depends on the context. For example, the additive opposite is not the same as the multiplicative opposite.

Which number is the opposite of the number 2?

In number Systems , the opposite of the number can be represented by changing and reversing the sign of the number.-2 is the number is the opposite of the number 2.

If a number is even then it's opposite is a whole number?

The opposite of an even number is an odd number.

On a die what is the opposite number 4?

On a die, the number opposite 4 is 3.

Can two opposite angles of a kite be supplementary?

Yes. The opposite angles of a kite can be supplementary if the kite is, more specifically, a square. (90° + 90° = 180°)

What is geographically opposite of the South Pole?

At 90 degrees N, you'll find the North Pole, which is geographically opposite of the South Pole at 90 degrees S.

Which degrees has longer leg in 30-60-90 triangles?

Largest angle will have the largest side opposite it. So the side opposite 90 will be the largest side.

What number is the opposite of 231?

-231. To get the opposite of a number, multiply it by -1.

What is the opposite of the opposite of any integer?

The additive opposite of the additive opposite is the number itself. The multiplicative opposite of the multiplicative opposite is the number itself, unless the number was 0, in which case the first opposite is not defined.

What is the opposite number of 0.93?

In number systems , the opposite of the number can be represented by changing and reversing the sign of the number. If 0.93 is the number then the opposite of the number would be -0.93

What number is opposite 16 on a dartboard?

The opposite number of 16 on the dartboard is 4

What is a 45 sided numbered ball where the numbers on any opposite sides add to 45.?


What is a number so that 81 is 90 percent of that number?

It is 90 because 90% of 90 = 81

Why is the sine of 90 degrees equal to 1?

Sine = Opposite divided by Hypotenuse Opposite is the side of the triangle opposite the angle (in this case the 90o angle). Hypotenuse is the side opposite the right angle in a right angle triangle. Therefore, Sine 90 = 1 because the opposite side and the hypotenuse are the same side, they are both opposite the right angle.

Can two angles of a kite be opposite and supplementary?

Yes, they can. An example of this is when a kite's opposite angles are both 90°. (90° + 90° = 180°) In the example, the kite is more specifically a square, but because of the Quadrilateral Hierarchy Theorem, this is possible.

Is the opposite of a negative number is positive?

The opposite of a number can be itself when its the sum of two numbers and we only be switching the positions of inputs and the order is changed. The opposite of opposite of negative number is opsitive number Okay!

What is the opposite of the opposite of a number?

The same number....

What does it mean for two numbers to be opposite?

A number's opposite is the negitave of that number... the opposite of 2 is -2, the opposite of 947283 is -947283.

What are similarities and differences between the opposite of a non-zero number and the reciprocal of that number?

The answer depends on what you mean by the "opposite" of a number. A reciprocal is one type of opposite: it is the multiplicative opposite.

What number comes after 89?


How do you find 90 percent of a number?

multiply the number by .90 or just.9 like 90% of 100 is 90

Does every real number have an opposite?

It depends on what you mean by an opposite. Every real number has an additive opposite but 0 does not have a multiplicative opposite.

What angle is opposite to the hypotenuse?

the 90 degrees angle

What number is 90 percent of 90?

90% of 90 = 90*90/100 = 81

Which number is this prime factorization for 2x3x3x5?


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