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11 b = 88

this means what number, b, when multiplied by 11, gives 88?

11 x 8 = 88

so b = 8

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Q: What number is represented by b 11b equals 88?
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Is 88 a rational or an irrational number?

88 is a rational number, since it can be represented in the form p/q = 88.

What two numbers equal the number 88?

There is only one number that equals 88. That number is . . . . . 88.

How many protons are in an atom represented by Ra-220?

The atomic number of radium (Ra) is 88. So there are 88 protons

What is 88 - 27 equals?

88 - 27 equals = 61

What equals 88 in multiplication facts?

1 times 88 equals 88.

About 88 percent of geologic time is represented by the time span called what?

88 percent of geologic time is represented by the Precambrian time span.

How many protons are in an atom represented by 220 88 Ra?

The 220 is the atomic MASS, which is the number of protons plus the number of neutrons. 88 is the atomic NUMBER, which is the number of protons only. The "Ra' is the abbreviation for radium, one of the first-detected radioactive elements.

What is 123 plus 88 equals?

123 plus 88 equals 211

Which roman numeral less than 100 has the greatest number of symbols?

88. Represented as LXXXXVIII it has 8 letters, the most of any number less than 100.

What plus what equals 88?

40+48=88. 81 + 7 = 88...

What is A divided by B B equals 88 A equals 50?

A/b = 50/88 = 0.5681818181

What times 8 equals 88?


What number in Roman numerals is less than 100 and uses the most symbols?

I believe the correct answer would be 88. It is represented by LXXXVIII.

What is 88 equals pk?

88= piano keys

What is 88 squared?

88 squared equals 7,744.

What is -56 plus -32 equals?


What number written as an exponent equals to 88?

Since 88 factors to 23 x 11, it is not a perfect square, it is not a perfect cube, etc. Since the square root of 88 is approximately 9.38, you can say that 88 is close to 9.382.

88 equals p k?

88 piano keys

88 equals k on a p?

88 Keys on a Piano

.88 inches equals?

88 inches = 7 feet 4 inches.

What is 88 plus 85 equals?

88+85 = 173

How much is the army signing bonus of a 11B Infantryman with an ASVAB score of 88?

You won't know for certain until you talk with a Career Counselor at MEPS. The bonuses available can vary in accordance with a number of factors, including choice of duty station.

What times what equals 88?

8 X 11

88 cm equals how many inches?

88 centimeters equals 34.6 inches. There are approximately 2.54 cm per inch. 88/2.54 = 34.6

Could 88 equals C in the S?

88 constellations in the sky