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whole number

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Q: What number is represented when all parts of a fraction model are shaded?
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What number is represented when no parts of a fraction model are shaded?


What is a fraction number model?

u are so dumb who will give the answer

How many faces of the whole model are perpendicular to the shaded?


What makes a good fraction model?

A good fraction model is when you divide your model equally.

Which model is shaded to represent equivalent to one half?

None that I can see.

What does 4 percent mean?

well it is a hundred precent model so if it has 4 shaded in the hundred model it will be 4%

Sample of the three models of a fraction?

There are three models of a fraction namely area model, liner model and set model.

How could you represent the fraction four tenths using a model or number line?

Create a number line from zero to one where the gradations are in tenths.

An idea event or object is represented by?


How many carbon atoms are represented by the model below?


How do you multiply a fraction by a whole number without using a model or repeated addition?

Multiply the whole number times the numerator. Divide the product by the denominator.

How do you model fraction division?

You poop it

How is data organized in hierarchical data model?

The hierarchical model is a restricted type of network model. Again, data is represented as collections of records and relationships are represented by sets. However, the hierarchical model allows a node to have only one parent. A hierarchical model can be represented as a tree graph, with records appearing as nodes (also called segments) and sets as edges.

How much of a model would be shaded to show 0.001?

10,000 square units.

What economic concepts are represented in the production possibilities model?

My boner

What is one way water can be represented as a paper model?


What problem situation can be represented by the algebra model y 120 - 3x?


How do you become an abercrombie kids model?

Your child will have to be an agency represented model that has Abercrombie & Fitch as its client.

How do you make a fraction model?

by eating everyone

What is a calotte model?

A calotte model is a space-filling model - a three-dimensional molecular model where the atoms are represented by spheres whose radii are proportional to the radii of the atoms.

When was this air rifle made for Sears and Roebuck looks like model 95 but can not be sure?

Lets start with how to identify the rifle. When you say "model 95". Model 95 made by who? All of Sears air guns and rifles were either made by Crosman or Daisy. The model numbers that sears used identified the manufacture by the first three numbers as such. 126 represented Crosman and 799 represented Daisy the following numbers can be translated into the original model number. From that I can give you the years it was made. This information is only about 75% available because some of the records were lost over the years. I need the Sears Model number to assist you further.

The location of a weather station and the data collected there is represented by a?

station model

What was Rutherford's atom model?

It was a clay ball with pieces in it. The pieces inside the clay ball represented protons the ball itself represented neutrons.

What most accurately represents John Dalton's model of the atom?

John Dalton's model of the atom is accurately represented by solid spheres. These look like tiny snooker balls. He noticed that elements are combined in definite whole number ratios.

Is a lawn mower id the serial number or model number?

It is the model number

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