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Number 100. They first met in 1904. The Sooners prevailed by a score of 75 to 0. In 1906 it was the Sooners 23 to 0. In 1907, Sooners, 67 to 0. In 1908, Sooners 18 to 0. In 1910, Sooners 12 to 0. In 1911, Sooners 22 to o. In 1912, Sooners 16 to 0. In 1913, Sooners 7 to 0. In 1914, The Cowboys (formerly known as the Agriculturalists, Aggies, Farmers, Tigers, Cowpokes, Waddies, and Cowpunchers) finally scored, losing 23 to 6, a final score still disputed by the schools today.

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Q: What number is the 2005 OSU vs OU Bedlam battle?
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