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It can be any number that you like but, in if the fraction is expressed in its simplest form, it is 3.

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Q: What number is the denominator in the fraction two thirds?
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What number must be subtracted from both the numerator and the denominator of the fraction two thirds to get a fraction of one quarter?


A fraction equal to two thirds that has a denominator of 12?

8 / 12

What fraction have the denominator 12 and is is equivalent to two - thirds?

8 12

What does two thirds of a fraction equal?

Multiply the numerator of the fraction by 2 to get the new numerator. Multiply the denominator of the fraction by 3 to get the new denominator. Answer = (new numerator)/(new denominator).

What is a fraction equal to two thirds that has a denominator of twelve?

2/3 = 8/12

Why is two thirds a common fraction?

It is: 2/3 because the numerator is less than the denominator

What is the denomanater of the fraction two thirds?

the thirds is the denominator because the twos is the numerator which is on top and the demoninator is the thirds so its done like this 2/3, 3 is the denominator and 2 is the numerator. thanks i hope i helped you enough

What the difference between two thirds and four?

two thirds is a fraction and 4 is a whole number

What number is the numerator of the fraction two thirds?

It is 2.

Is two thirds a mixed number improper fraction or a proper fraction?

proper fraction

What is two thirds of eighteen?

Divide 18 by the bottom number of the fraction (the denominator).18 / 3 = 6Multiply the answer (the quotient) by the top number of the fraction (the numerator).6 x 2 = 12So 2/3 of 18 is 12.

Is five thirds a whole number?

No it is not It makes up one and two thirds, a fraction.