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3/4 * 16/1 = 48/4 = 12/1 = 12

0.75 *16 = 12

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Q: What number is three fourths of 16?
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What number is three fourths of sixteen?

three fourths of sixteen is twelve.3/4 of 16 is 12

What is three fourths of three fourths?

9/16 is.

Three fourths multiplied by three fourths?


What does three fourths of three fourths equal?


How many three fourths are in twelve?

There are 16 3/4s. There are 16 ...three fourths

What is three fourths of a number?

Three fourths of a number is the same as 75 percent of a number. To find three fourths of a number, multiply the number by 0.75.

What is the fraction for three fourths of 16?

tree fourths of 16 is not a fraction. it is 12

What is 3 fourths of 3 fourths?

three fourths of three fourths is the same as 3/4 x 3/4. 3 x 3 = 9 and 4 x 4 = 16. so three fourths of three fourths is 9/16

What are all the equivalent fractions of three fourths?

There are an infinite number of equivalent fractions for three fourths. Some of them are six eights, 12/16, and 300/400.

What is three and three fourths times nine and three fourths?

15/4 x 39/4 = 585/16 or 36 and 9/16

What is 12 out of 16 as a percentage?

Divide each number by four, and you get three-fourths (3/4).

What is three fourths equivlent to?


How much is one and three fourths times one and three fourths?

one and three fourths equals seven fourths. seven fourths times seven fourths is forty nine over sixteen (3 and 1/16)

Three fourths of a certain number is 15 more than one fourth of a number what are the numbers?

Fifteen is three-fourths of what number?

What is three- fourths of 20?

15 is.

What is three fourths of 16?

3/4 of 16 = 12

Which is bigger one fourths or three fourths?

Three fourths is greater than one fourth. For any positive number, and the same denominator, if there is a larger number in the numerator, it is larger.

What number is three fourths of four?

3 is.

What is three fourths of the number 86?


What number is three fourths of 360?


How many fourths are there in three fourths?

There are three fourths in three fourths!

Three-fourths of a number greater than or equal to five less than the number?

three fourths is greater than five eights

What is 3 fourths of a fourth?

Three sixteenths (3/16).

What is three-fourths divided by 12?

0.0625 is. (1/16)

What is the whole number of 3 fourths?

Three fourths is a fraction. It is NOT a whole number and cannot be represented by one. It is as simple as that.