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10,000 - 20 = 9,980

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Q: What number is twenty less than ten thousand?
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What number is one less than twenty thousand?


What number is one hundred less than twenty thousand?

It is: 20,000 -100 = 19,900

How do you write 23 ten thousand?

what is 23 less than ten thousand and nine write as a numeral

What is the largest prime number less than tewnty?

The largest prime number less than twenty is 19. (BTW, I spotted a spelling error in the word twenty, but I assumed you meant twenty.)

What number is three less than twenty-four and twenty hundredths?


What number is 10 less than eight thousand?


What is twenty thousand more than the smallest three digit number?


Eight less than 7.2 times a number is -29.6?

Twenty more than twice a number is 52

What is one thousand less than 78000?

The number which is 1000 less in value than the number 78000 would be 77000.

What number is three tenths less than twenty four and twenty hundredths?


Greatest prime number less than twenty?


What number is twelve less than twenty four?


What Number that is two hundred more than twenty thousand?

20,000 + 200 = 20,200 (twenty thousand and two hundred).

What is a number greater than ten thousand but less than nine hundred thousand nine hundred ninety nine?

eleven thousand.

HOW CAN YOU Write as an algebraic equation and solve: Twenty four is three less than one-third of a number.?

SRY THE Q IS HOW CAN YOU WRITE AND SOLVE: Twenty four is three less than one-third of a number.?

What number is one thousand less than 5724?

This is a simple subtraction problem. One thousand, or 1,000, less than 5,724 is 5,724 - 1,000 = 4,724.

What is the answer to the number that is three tenths less than twenty four and twenty hundredths?

24.20-0.3 is 23.9

What number is 100 less than one thousand?


What is less than twenty and have three factors pairs?

the number is 18

Is 2055.24 higher than 2500?

No. Expressed in dollars, thousand fifty five dollars and twenty four cents (2055.24) is less than two thousand five hundred dollars (2500).

What would 9299 be rounded to the nearest thousand?

It is 9,000 because 299 is less than 500

What is the biggest number that is more than thousand but less than a million?

hundred thousands

Is 20 001 less than twenty thousand?


What number is one hundred less than ten thousand?

9,900 (nine thousand nine hundred)

Twenty three less than the difference of thirty eight and a number n is less than eight?