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x2 - 12x + 36 = (x - 6)2

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Q: What number is used to complete the square for the equation x squared minus twelve x equal zero?
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What number is needed to complete the square x squared plus 36x0?


What number is needed to complete the square x squared plus 24x equals 0?


Is 794 a square number?

Every number is a squared number- it is a square of something. However, 794 is not a perfect square number. 28 squared is 784 and 29 squared is 841. The square root of 794 is 28.1780056072107.

How do you type a number squared into a square root equation?

if you have a TI-84 you can hit math, then go down to the x before the square root sign

When both sides of the equation are squared the resulting equation is?

Remains true. But this does not apply to square roots.

Is 1088 a squared number?

no its not a square number

Is 90 a square number?

No, 90 is not a square number. 81 is 9 squared and 100 is 10 squared.

Is the square root of 5 squared a rational number?

The square root of 5 squared is 5, which is a rational number.

What number is needed to complete the square x squared plus 5x equals 0?

25/4 or 6.25

What number is needed to complete the square x squared plus 7x equals 0?

49/4 or 12.25

What number is needed to complete the square x squared plus 5 equals 0?

25/4 or 6.25

What is the highest square number?

There is no highest square number. If there was such a number then that number squared would be a higher square number!

What is the square root of 243 x squared?

Any square root squared is the number inside the ()

What are the square number between 1 to 110?

A square number is a number which is an integer squared:14916253649648110011 squared is 121, which is outside of the desired range.

Is 80 a squared number?

No but 81 is a square number

Is 500 a square number?

No 500 is not a square number, in fact, the square root is about 22.3606798500 is not a squared number

What is the equation for circular projectile?

square root of 2(d)/r squared

What number would you add to the equation x plus 4x0 to complete the square?

You would add 4.

What is the result of a square number called?

A number squared gives a squared number (this is what the result is called), which I think is what you are asking.

Is the number 36 a square number?

36 is 6 squared.

What is the square root of any number squared?

The original number

Is 656 a squared number?

It is not a square of an integer. However, it is the square of a number which is approx 25.6125.

Number is the number raised to the secound power?

A square or squared number.

Is thirty two a square number?

If you mean is it a perfect square, then no; it is an irrational number (square root of 32 is 5.6568544249). But if you mean can it be squared, then yes; 32 squared is 1024

When you subtract one square number from another and the number is 12 what are the two square numbers?

The answer is 4 squared minus 2 squared as 4 squared is 16 minus 2 squared, which is 4, gives you 12 as an answer.