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Q: What number multiplied by six gives the answer of three?
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What number multiplied by ten gives an answer of forty-six?

10 x 4.6= 46

What are six multiples of 3?

three is prime and prime means that nothing can be multiplied and get that number

What is twenty three multiplied by six?

23 multiplied by 6 is 138.

How Four plus three multiplied by six times three to the power of four?

Four plus three multiplied by six times three to the power of four is equal to 1,462.

What number multiplied by six equals twenty four?

Six multiplied by four equals twenty four.

What is three over six multiplied by four over six?


What number gives the same result when multiplied by six as it does when 6 is added to it?

0 I think. It could be -7 cuz the ++ to the 6th power is 6 too.

What is six times three and three fourths?

Six multiplied by 3 3/4 is 22 1/2 or 22.5

What does six and three sevenths multiplied by twenty-one equal?


What number can be multiplied by 6 and added by six and still be the same number?


What two numbers when multiplied gives you 24 but when added give you 10?

Six 'n' four.

What number has the same result when added to six and multiplied by two?