What number rounds to 30?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Anything between 25 and 34.

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Q: What number rounds to 30?
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What is the round number of 29?

Rounds up to 30.

What is 29.708 rounded to the nearest whole number?

29.708 rounds to 30 .

What is 29.516 rounded to the nearsest whole number?

It is 30 because .5 rounds up to 1

How many rounds can a 30 30 model A lever action rifle hold?

6 rounds

What is 29.879 rounded to?

It depends what you are rounding it by. If you are rounding it to the nearest whole number it would be 30. If you were rounding it to the nearest tens place then it would also be 30.

How many rounds did the mp40 hold?

The Mp-40 Holds 30 Rounds

What NATO rounds refering to a 1000 rounds from a 30 sniper rifle?

No such thing.

Can the bushmaster M4A3 hold 30 plus 1 rounds in the gun plus magazine?

If you have a 30 round magazine for it, yes, it will hold 30 rounds.

What is the largest number that rounds to 900?

The largest whole number that rounds to 900 is 949.

How to round 25.691 to the greatest place?

That rounds to 30

How many rounds is recommended for the 30 round M16 magazine?

30 rounds, However, many soldiers load 29 rounds to reduce the possibility of a first round fail-to-feed.

Where can you get 38 long colt rounds? for $30 plus shipping for 50 rounds.