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Uniform numbers were used on a permanent basis by the Yankees and Indians in 1929, so that fans could tell who was who on the field. Those uniform numbers corresponded to the player's place in the lineup; those who batted leadoff wore number one, those who batted clean-up wore number four and so on. This practice caught on and within a few years every team wore numbers. Jimmy Foxx wore number 3 (Third in the line up) from 1931-1934 in 1935 his last year with the Athletics before going to Boston, he batted second, and wore number 2. From 1936-1942 he wore number three for the Boston Red Sox (He batted second in the line up with Boston) traded during the 1942 season to the cubs and wore uniform numbers 16, and number 26 in 1944. Finally he returned to the Athletics in 1945 to finish his career with the number 4. Jimmy Foxx wore numbers 2, 3, and 4 as a Philadelphia Athletic - Steven KeyMan

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Q: What number was Jimmie Foxxs number when he played on the Athletics?
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