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Q: What number when divide by 7 has a remainder of 6 and when divided by 6 has a remainder of 5?
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What is the smallest number that when divided by 5 is a remainder of 2?

Not if you divide correctly.

What does not a multiple of 5 mean?

That is an integer that cannot be divided by 5 with a remainder of 0.In other words, if you divide the number by 5, the remainder is not 0.

When you divide 32 by 5 what is the remainder?

32 divided by 5 is 6 with remainder 2.

What is the whole number remainder you can divide by 5?

Your question's meaning eludes me. You can divide any number by 5, whether or not it is a remainder, and why would you want to divide a remainder by 5 anyway?

What number do you divide by five and the remainder is 4?

it is 24, 24 divide by five is 4 with a remainder of four. 24 divided by 5= 4 =20 +4= 24

What is the largest remainder when dividing by 6 and explain?

The largest remainder when dividing by 6 is 5. This is true because if the remainder is 6, the 6 would divide into the number again. For example: 35 divided by 6 is 5 remainder 5. 36 divided by 6 cannot be 5 remainder 6 because 6 will divide into 36 again. The answer would be 6.

What is 319 divide by 5 and the remainder?


What is A number that leaves a remainder of 6 when divided by 10 What is the remainder when the number is divided by 5 Justify your reasoning?

A number leaves reminder 6 when divided by 10. What is the remainder when the number is divided by 5? Justify your reasoning.

What number leaves a remainder of 4 when divided by 5 a remainder of 5 when divided by 6 and a remainder of 6 when divided by 7?


What do you divide by 6 to get 8 remainder 5?

53 divided by 6 equals 8 with a remainder of 5

When a number is divided by 5 the remainder is 2 What is the remainder when the number is multiplied by 8 and then divided by 5?

16 \;p

A number when divided by 56 leaves a remainder 29. What will be the remainder if that number is divided by 8?