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1 itself, 1 raised to any power will always equal 1

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What number when multiplied always equal to 1?
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What is the identify property of multiplication?

Any number multiplied by 1 will always come out to be the original number. Any number multiplied by 0 will always equal 0. (7 x 1 = 7) (7 x 0 = 0)

What is receprocal?

The word is actually reciprocal. A number multiplied by it's reciprocal will always equal 1. If you have 46, and multiplied it by 1/46, you will get 1. They are both reciprocals of each other as well. If you multiplied 1/46 by 46, you'd get 1 again. If you have a number x, the reciprocal will always be 1/x.

What is a number when its multiplied by its reciprocal?

It is then is equal to 1

Why does -1 multiplied by -2 equal 2?

First of all, pretend the negatives aren't there. What is 1 multiplied by 2? 2, right? And a negative number multiplied by a negative number always equals a positive number. So, the answer to -1 x -2 = 2. Hope this helps!

Which number when multiplied by an odd number always results in an even number?


What does x times its reciprocal equal?

Any number multiplied by its reciprocal is equal to ' 1 '.

The product of rational number and its reciprocal?

Is '1' Any number multiplied with its reciprocal is equal to '1'

If a is a negative number then a multiplied by the quantity 1 divided by a end of quantity is blank equal to negative 1. If a is a negative number and b is a negative number then product a multiplied?


What does a positive number multiplied by a positive number equal?

A positive number multiplied by a positive number will give a positive answer:1 x 1 = 1In contrast, a negative number multiplied by a positive number gives a negative answer:-1 x 1 = -1Finally two negative numbers multiplied together give a positive answer:-1 x -1 = 1

Which two number multiplied by each other equal 67?

67 and 1

How to prove that A being any number A multiplied by A plus 1 is always divisible by 2?

A will always be an odd number.

What number when multiplied by 28 is equal to 4?

1/7th 1/7*28=4

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