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Either 6 or -6 will satisfy this.

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Q: What number when squared gives you the value 36?
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Is the number 36 a square number?

36 is 6 squared.

What is 36 as a square number?

Six squared is 36. Thirty-six squared is 1296.

What number is 6 squared?


What is the value of 6 squared?


What squared number makes 36?

36 is the square of 6.

How do you explain why 36 is a square number?

Because 6 squared = 36

What is the 6 squre number?

It is: 36 because 6 squared = 36

What is the next squared number after 33?


What number squared equals 36?


What is the next number in the series

It is: 36 because 6 squared = 36

Is the number 36 squared in the set of rational numbers?

Yep, any rational number squared is also rational.

What is the answer of 36 squared?

36 squared is 1,296.

What has the vaule of -36?

The number -36 has the value -36. Any other number does not.

What is 144 squared 36 squared?

144 squared x 36 squared is equal to 26,873,856.

What is -36 squared?

-36 squared = -1296

Is 36 a square of a whole number?

Yes - it is 6 squared.

What is 36 squared times 24 squared?

36 squared times 24 squared is equal to 746,496.

How do you find the square root of 36?

By trying out different numbers: Which number, when squared, gives 36? Since in this case the answer is a fairly small integer, you should be able to find it out quickly, by trial and error.

What is a number that's a square number and also an even number?

A square number is just a number that you get when you square a lower number so there are a few examples here. 4 (4 is 2 squared and is even) 16 (16 is 4 squared and is even) 36 (36 is 6 squared and is even) Any even number squared should give another even number therefore the list is endless.

What is squared in algebra?

squared is when you multiply a number by itself... 6 squared is 6 X 6 = a 6 foot long board which is 6 feet wide is 36 square feet.

What is the smallest number of the product of 2 different primes that are squared?


Is 6 squared rational or irrational?

Rational; 62 = 36. Any rational number that is squared is still rational.

What is the square root of 38 to the nearest whole number?

6 squared is 36 7 squared is 49 38 is closer to 6 squared so to the nearest whole number 6 is your answer.

What is the exact value of 3 squared - - 6 squared?


Is squared 36 an irrational number?

No because 36 squared is 1296 which can be expressed as an improper fraction in the form of 1296/1 whereas irrational numbers can't be expressed as fractions.