What numbers add to one and multiply to one half?

Updated: 11/1/2022
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Let x = 1st number and y = 2nd number

x + y = 1 (they add to 1)

xy = 1/2 ( multiply to one half)

rearrange top equation to y = (1 - x) and substitute this into the 2nd

x(1-x) = 1/2 I don't like to work with fractions so multiply by 2 and use the distributive property

2x - 2x2 = 1 rearrange into standard form for a quadratic

2x2 - 2x + 1 = 0

This will not factor using integers. Use the quadratic formula to solve it.

x = (2 + (sq root)(4 - 8))/4 and x = (2 - (sq root)(4 - 8))/4

x = (2 + (sq root)(-4))/4 and x = (2 - (sq root)(-4))/4


x = (1 + i)/2 and x = (1 - i)/2

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Q: What numbers add to one and multiply to one half?
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What two numbers multiply to get seven and add to get eight?

One and seven.

What numbers add and multiply to get 105.8?

There are infinitely many pairs of numbers that will add to 105.8 and infinitely many pairs of numbers that will multiply to 105.8 but there are no pair that will add AND multiply. I do not think there are larger sets, but I could be wrong. One example of a triplet adding and multiplying to the same number is 1, 2 and 3. They add to 6 and multiply to 6.

When two numbers multiply the result is increases but when you mutiply .5 and.5 the answer get decreases that is .25 how?

The number .5 means half. So, if you take half of something, that is less than the entire thing, right? And half of half is a quarter. Multiplication only makes numbers larger when you multiply numbers that are greater than one. If you multiply by one the number doesn't change. If you multiply by less than one, you make the number smaller.

What two numbers multiply to 20 and add to 21?


What two numbers that add up to one and multiply to -90?

-9 and 10

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You can multiply two decimal numbers together and get an answer less than either one of the numbers you multiplied?

Yes, but you need two positive numbers less than one. 0.5 * 0.5 = 0.25 for instance. (half of a half is a quarter)

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negative 3 and positive 4

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-3.1 and 4.6

How can you choose One Number do that it will be relatively prime to any other Numbers?

Multiply all the numbers together and then add 1.