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By adding 5+1 to get the sum of six.

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Q: What numbers can you use to get the sum of six by only using numbers one through six?
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What are the different combinations using the numbers 0 through 9 but using the numbers only once in each combination?

There is only one combination. In a combination the order of the numbers does not matter so the only combination is 0123456789. This is the same as 1326458097

What numbers 50 through 75 are square numbers?

If we're considering only whole numbers, then 64 is the only one. If we're including fractions/decimals, then there are an infinite number of tham.

How many different 3 digit combinations can be made using numbers one through nine?

Through the magic of perms and coms the answer is 729

How do you get 24 with only using one 4 and no other numbers?

4 factorial, or 4!, equals 24

How many 3 digit numbers can be formed using even digits only?

More than one

What are all the combination for number 1-45?


How many 4 number combinations are their using numbers 1469?

There is only one combination. The order does not matter in a combination.

What are every possible 10 digit combinations of the numbers 0 through 9?

There is only one combination since the order of the numbers in a combination does not matter.

What is the GCF of 1 through 100?

The only factor common to all those numbers is 1.

How many different four digit combinations are there of the numbers zero through nine and using one number twice in the combination?

There are 360 of them.

Using the numbers 1 through 9 make a frcation that equals one third?

2 sixths3 ninthsis tht what you mean?

Is LCM pair numbers equal to one numbers?

Only if one of the numbers is a multiple of the other.

Are there any restrictions on NBA numbers?

i dont think they are allowed to have the numbers 6,7,8, or 9 in their numbers because the refs have to be able to give your number to the scores table using only one hand

Using 6 as one of the numbers write a fact family with only facts?

6X7=43 43/6=7

What is call to the numbers that have only one and themselves as factors?

Numbers whose factors only include one and themselves are called Prime numbers.

Can you make a 100 using the numbers 1 to 9 and using times and divide?

No. Not if the numbers are to be used only once. There is only one 5 (or a multiple of 5) in the numbers available. Using times and divide cannot produce any more of them. On the other hand 100 is divisible by 5*5 so at least two fives are required. If the numbers can be used more than once then 2*2*5*5 is one possible solution.

What are numbers that have only two factors?

Prime numbers only have one and itself as factors.

What numbers are prime numbers in the 90's?

There is only one: 97.

What numbers can be made into only one rectangle?

prime numbers

What are primes numbers?

Numbers that can only divide by themselves and one.

What numbers have only one prime factor?

Prime numbers.

Using each digit one time and only one time What are the three largest numbers that can be written using the digits 1 4 7 0 5 and 9?

The three largest numbers (in descending order) would be... 975410, 975401 & 975104

Is there a number that only contains the single digtei numbers as factors?

One through nine all have single digit factors.

How many ways can you pay 500 cents using only one type of coin if you have nickels dimes and quarters?

Three: one using only nickels, one using only dimes and one using only quarters!

What are the two arithmetic means between -13 and 8?

Two numbers can have only one arithmetic mean. In this case, it is -2.5Two numbers can have only one arithmetic mean. In this case, it is -2.5Two numbers can have only one arithmetic mean. In this case, it is -2.5Two numbers can have only one arithmetic mean. In this case, it is -2.5