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17 is a Prime number. 8 and 12 are not prime numbers.

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Q: What numbers is a prime number 8-12-17?
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What is the prime number of 81217?

81217 = 241 * 337.

What are the prime numbers of 81217?

The answer is 241 and 337.

What numbers are not a prime number?

Any number that is not a prime number.. . .Prime numbers: 1,3,5 and 7

What are numbers that are not prime?

A number that is not a prime number is called a composite number because it can be made by multiplying prime numbers together. For example, 6 is a composite number that is the product of multiplying the prime numbers 2 and 3 together.

What is the definition of a consecutive prime number?

Consecutive prime numbers are two prime numbers that are next to each other, with no other prime numbers in between. For example, 3 and 5 are consecutive prime numbers.

Is 02 a prime number?

0.2 is not a prime number. Prime numbers belong to the set of whole numbers.

What is a prime number times a prime number?

A prime number times a prime number is a composite number. Since prime numbers, except for 2, are odd numbers, a prime number times a prime number is usually an odd number. It will only be an even number if one of the prime numbers is 2. A prime number times a prime number will be a number with four factors unless both prime numbers are the same, in which case it will be a square number with only three factors.

What is true about prime number?

Here are some facts about prime numbers:1. Prime numbers have exactly two factors - 1 and the prime number itself.2. The only even number that is prime is 2.3. There are an infinite number of prime numbers.4. Every number can be uniquely represented as a prime number or a product of prime numbers.

When is product of 2 prime numbers a prime number?

The product of two prime numbers is always a composite number, and it never is a prime number.

What is the number of prime numbers?

It is impossible to know the number of prime numbers because there is an infinite number of them.

Can a natural number be a prime number?

All prime numbers are natural numbers. So yes, some natural numbers are prime numbers.

What numbers has only 2 factors?

Any prime number, a prime number is a number of which the only factors are it and itself.