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Q: What numbers make this true- Texas plus great equals state?
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What is the easternmost state of the Great Plains?

Texas is the easternmost Great Plains State.

What is the name of the the capital city for Texas?

Austin is the capitol of The Great State of Texas

Which state do think has enough resources to be its own country?

The Great State of Texas.

What is the name of the state that Rio Grande marks the border of?

The Great State of Texas.

Is Texas longhorns a private university?

No, University of Texas is a public school funded by the taxpayers of the Great State of Texas

Is Paris in the US?

Paris. France is in France Paris, Texas is in the USA in the Great State of Texas

What states have many farms?

The great state of Texas and Tennessee.

What was the most valuable state acquired as a result of the mexican war?

The Great State of Texas!

Is Texas part of the great plains?

The Great Plains region covers much of the state of Texas.

Which is the farthest east of the Great Lakes states 1 equals Ohio 2 equals Illinois 3 equals Iowa?

1 (and by the way, Iowa is not a Great Lakes state.)

The largest state in the union?

Alaska all US The Great State of Texas in the continenental US

What sate is Randolph air force base in?

The great state of Texas!