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You must add either two odd numbers or two even numbers.

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Q: What numbers must you add to make an even number?
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If the product of two numbers are even then the two numbers must both be even?

No. If you have an odd number (for example 5) and an even number (say 2) and you multiply them together, you will get an even number (10). Therefore, just because the product of two numbers are even does not make both the numbers being multiplied together even (although at least one must be).

Why is it not possible to make a mean of 7 with 3 even numbers?

because in a mean for 7 with three numbers the total of the 3 numbers must be 21 and (even number) + (even number) = (even number) 21 is odd Q.E.D

Even number must have a factor of?

Even numbers must have a factor of two.

How are odd and even numbers are related to their factors?

Even numbers must have 2 amongst their factors; they may have other even numbers amongst their factors. Odd numbers must not; every factor of an odd number must be odd.

How many ways can the whole number 50 be expressed as the sum of three different prime numbers?

Look at the first 2 of these prime numbers. They cannot be even for then they would be divisible by 2, so not prime. Add them together. Two odd numbers added together make an even. Subtract this even number from 50 (also even) so the third number must be even. There is no way of adding 3 prime numbers together to make an even number.

If the product of two numbers is even then the two numbers must be even right?

Not necessarily, but at least ''one'' of them must be even, unless the two numbers are both the (irrational) square root of the same even number.

How do you get an even number as an answer when multiplying?

One of the numbers being mutiplied must be even.

Why is two even numbers or two odd numbers even because 2 is a even number?

When adding two numbers together it must be divisible by two. Being divisible by two is the definition of an even number.

Why when every three consecutive number are being multiplied it gives you an answer which is an even number?

Any two consecutive numbers must comprise one odd and one even number, so their product must be even. Any three consecutive numbers must include two consecutive numbers so the result still applies.

Why do you get an even mumber when you add 2 odd numbers?

it creates an even number cause 2 is an even number so no matter what two same numbers add up it must give you an even number

What negative numbers add together to get negative 18 and multiply to get negative 63?


How do find the median if there are an even number of entries?

If you have to find a median in a set of numbers in which there are an even number of entries, you must find the average of the two numbers the come in the middle.

How can you make a number a rational number?

Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. Irrational numbers cannot be expressed as a fraction. You must make sure it can be written as a fraction.

Can a negative number be even?

yes. for a number to be even it must be divisible by 2. odd numbers can be divisible by 2.Yes as for example -4 is an even number

What are 3 prime numbers that can be added together to make 18?


Why are some odd numbers composite?

Some. Any product of a set of odd numbers will be odd. To be even, a composite number must have at least one even factor. Therefore odd composite numbers must exist.

The sum of two consecutive numbers is 118 What must you do to get to the next greater even integer?

The sum of 2 consecutive numbers cannot be 118, because you cannot get an even number when you add an even and an odd number.

Can the greatest common factor of an odd and even number always even?

The GCF of an odd and an even number must be odd since odd numbers do not have any even factors.

Is the GCF of any odd number and an even number always even?

No. Since odd numbers don't have any even factors, the GCF of odd and even must be odd.

How do you put 165 eggs in 4 baskets by odds numbers?

It is not possible. The sum of two odd number MUST be even so the sum of four odd numbers must be even. 165 is not even so the task is not possible.

If the product of two numbers is even then the two numbers must be even?

At least one of the two numbers has to be even, but both can be even.

Can two consecutive numbers be prime?

Yes.Additional Information:If you have two consecutive numbers, one of them will be an odd number and the other will be an even number. Since even numbers are divisible by 2, the only even prime number is 2. If two consecutive numbers are prime, the even number must be 2. So, because 1 is not a prime number, the only time that two consecutive numbers can be prime is in the case of 2 and 3.

Can there be 3 primes that are cosecutive natural numbers?

As the number 1 is considered a special case and not a prime, there cannot be three consecutive numbers that are prime. Any three consecutive numbers must include at least one even number. With the exception of the number 2, no even numbers are prime.

Is the product of an even number of negative numbers positive?

Yes because the product of each pair of negative numbers must be positive.

What is the smallest number that is perfectly divisible by numbers 1-9?

Firstly, the number must be even. 2520 is perfectly divisible.