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Q: What obe says the expression more of the same mean?
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Warped wiseman says why does fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?

They don't (quite) mean the same thing, the expression:'fat chance' means there is no chance,'slim chance' means that it will be difficult but there is just a chance.

What does it mean when someone says dream better?

"Dream better" is not a common expression in American English. The more familiar expression is "Sweet dreams," often said to someone who is going to bed with a meaning similar to "Good night."

What does see you later mean?

"See you later" can mean just what it says; the person will see you later. It can also be used as an expression that means nothing more than "bye."

What does it mean if a guy does things that make you blush and he says that he only does it to see your expression and that he likes it?

he likes you

What does 'why' mean when a woman says it?

the same thing it means when anyone says it

What is the algebraic expression that says 4 more than x?


What does it mean when someone says 'your face is priceless'?

When someone says your face is priceless it means that no one else could imitate the expression you made

What does it mean when someone says they are over you?

Usually that they do not love you any more. They don't have the same feelings for you that they used to, and they don't think about you in the same ways or as often.

Why does my guy friend says he wants to take it to the next level?

Become more serious about whatever it is-an expression

What does expression for good mean?

If you're asking what the expression "for good" means, it's "forever" or "from now on." For example, if someone says "I'm leaving for good," that means they are never coming back.

What does All the same mean?

When some says that it is all the same they mean that it is not surprising. These people have seen similar situations.

What does igulmente mean?

'Igualmente' is a Spanish expression that means 'the same for you' in English, for instance: If someone says 'Que tengas un buen día' in Spanish, which means 'Have a nice day', it's perfectly correct to answer 'Igualmente' as a courtesy phrase.